What is a Chromebook

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs Google's Chrome Operating System and the Google Chrome web-browser, including its integrated media-player. The Chromebook is chiefly designed to be used with an internet connection, as a key component of cloud computing architecture.

Chromebooks are sold directly by Google and also by the company's retail partners, including ASUS, Acer, and HP. Recently, educational institutions have become the largest market for Chromebooks.

Features of a Chromebook:

Google Chrome Internet Browser Google Chrome Internet Browser
Unlike a regular laptop, a Chromebook's only native app is the Google Chrome Internet Browser. The browser is the window to everything a user can do on a Chromebook.
Web Apps Web Apps
Chrome OS uses web apps exclusively: Non-Chrome applications cannot be downloaded. In addition to Chrome's Google Docs and Sheets, the Chrome Web Store offers a wide variety of apps for virtually every computing need. However, for users who prefer to use familiar Microsoft products, online versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint are available in the Chrome Web Store.
Chromebook Offline Chromebook Offline
Although Chromebooks are internet-dependent laptops, routine tasks like editing Google docs, writing and reading emails, and watching movies on Google Play can be done offline. Once the Chromebook connects to a network, the offline apps automatically sync and save changes. Other tasks that work offline include, but are not limited to checking calendar appointments; listening to music stored on Chromebook’s internal hard drive; and saving webpages for offline reading.
Make lists Cloud Storage
Chromebooks rely heavily on Cloud Technology. Applications exist in the cloud, and files and settings are also stored there. As such, every unit is automatically allocated 100 GB of cloud storage. This data can be accessed from any computer and when a Chromebook dies, no apps, settings, or documents are lost.
Automatic Updates Automatic Updates
In addition to automatic synchronization of offline changes to documents and settings, Chromebooks also install updates automatically. They turn on immediately and do not require a long update and restart routines.

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