Ericom Security by Cradlepoint

Powerful Partnership Expands the Scope and Impact of Zero Trust Security Services

Ericom Software is a leading provider of cloud-delivered, zero trust cybersecurity solutions that protect organizations from advanced threats. Ericom’s flagship Security Service Edge (SSE) cloud platform leverages innovative remote browser isolation, application isolation, microsegmentation, and virtualization technologies.

In early 2023, Ericom’s potential was greatly expanded as the company was acquired by Cradlepoint, part of Ericsson. Organizations deserve the ability to simplify as much of their networking infrastructure as possible. The joining of Ericom with Cradlepoint ushers in new and still developing layers of simplicity and scalability as secure Internet access coalesces with cellular and hybrid network connectivity and secure private access. As a modern foundation of zero trust strategies and performance optimization technologies come together under one proverbial roof, join us as we build a 5G SASE reality that network and security teams can easily implement, manage, and scale for years to come.


Careers at #OneEricom

Ericom is a hybrid workplace, with R&D centers located in Tel Aviv and Modi’in. If you’re looking for a rewarding, growth-filled career in a company where you have the opportunity to make a impact, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us.

Ericom Security Leadership

Tom Pak

VP, Sales AMS

Gilad Haver

VP, Sales International

Ravi Pather

Area Director EME, Field Sales

Nick Kael

Director, Sales Engineering

Simon Moran

Senior Business Development Manager

Industry Recognition

Launched in 2021, the Ericom SASE Security Platform is already following in the footsteps of other award-winning solutions developed by Ericom Software. The experience we gained through the development of those solutions, and the successful customer relationships we’ve maintained, led to ZTEdge, the first comprehensive SASE platform designed specifically for small and medium enterprises.



  • Editor’s Choice Zero Trust
  • Next Gen Browser Isolation
  • Next Gen Deep See Phishing Email Security
  • Best Solution for Ransomless Ransomware Protection
  • Best Product for the Secure Access Service Edge
TMC Cybersecurity Excellence
TMC Cybersecurity Excellence
Awards in 5 Categories
Awards in 5 Categories
Cloud Platform
Cloud Platform
Network Security
Network Security
GigaOM Outperformer
GigaOM Outperformer
Web Security
Web Security
Zero Trust Security
Zero Trust Security
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Network Security

What Our Clients Say About Us

“As a CIO of a midsize business, I need to ensure we have the right solutions in place to protect our distributed workforce.”

– Dale McCarty

Executive Director Cyberlandia

“Ericom Software provides the simple, secure and reliable access our users need, while ensuring full visibility for admins and our security team.”

– Fatih Yildirim

IT Manager, Fenerbahçe

“We have seen a number of studios using the Ericom solution, including Jellyfish Pictures, and are pleased with the role the technology plays in satisfying key parts of their TPN security compliance requirements.”

– Mathew Gilliat-Smith

EVP, Convergent Risk

“Getting the fundamentals right, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), microsegmentation, and following the Zero Trust framework isn’t just good security hygiene; it is the cornerstone of a successful business.”

– Louis Columbus

Cybersecurity Author, VentureBeat

“Ericom has a broad set of affordable, always-on security capabilities, including a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) service that will reduce the complexity of remote application access for our teams, improving user experience and security compared to legacy VPN solutions.”

– Brandon Nokes

Director, Facilities & IT, Devada

“Ericom offers a unique value proposition for organizations, delivering a comprehensive set of integrated Zero Trust security capabilities via a simple and affordable always-on cloud platform.”

– Kamalika Sandell
Chief Information Officer, New Jersey Institute of Technology

“Ericom is a very high-performance solution that enables browsing to feel native. It makes users’ lives better. If people are looking for a high-performance solution in this space, Ericom ticks the boxes.”

– Jeremy Smith
Jellyfish Pictures Chief Technology Officer

Moving to a Zero Trust isolation-based security approach is faster and easier than you think.

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