Secure SaaS Apps and Sensitive Data

Control App Access. Prevent Data Exfiltration. Eliminate Credential Theft Risk.

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Your Challenge:

SaaS apps are sources of data leaks and the primary targets of credential theft attacks

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Credential Theft

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Data Loss

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Malware Spread

The prized jewels of hackers are stolen credentials. With IDs and passwords, thieves can gain access to your employees’ Office 365 user accounts, a database in AWS, a private app with sensitive data, or perhaps even your entire corporate network.

With credentials they can upload malicious content like ransomware to spread across your devices and network as files are shared, or they can begin to exfiltrate sensitive data from your applications.

An additional challenge is well-intentioned employees may be engaging in risky behavior while using the public cloud — without even knowing it — potentially accessing unapproved, less secure cloud apps, uploading files when they should not, copying and pasting sensitive content, etc.

Public cloud apps are great for productivity, until a security incident occurs.

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Our Solution:

Clientless Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) access and data-sharing controls coupled with dedicated IP-based access restrictions

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Granular App Access Controls

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Threat Prevention

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Data Security (DLP, RBI-based Controls)

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With ZTEdge, each organization can get a dedicated tenant IP address, so you can enforce IP-based access restrictions that ensure only users coming through ZTEdge – regardless of where they are located – can access your SaaS applications. This effectively eliminates the risk of credential theft for your entire company.

Additionally, ZTEdge’s in-line isolation-based CASB gateway allows you to enforce user, group, device, time, or location-based policies on application access.

If policies permit access, ZTEdge further allows you to restrict data-sharing functions, such as removing a user’s ability to upload/download files or enter data in cloud apps.

Finally, ZTEdge includes Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to protect sensitive data, as well as AV and CDR scanning to prevent malicious files from being uploaded to or downloaded from SaaS applications.

Why ZTEdge?

Simple, affordable Zero Trust capabilities in a single integrated cloud platform

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ZTEdge is a Security Service Edge (SSE) platform that cuts complexity, reduces cyber-risk, and improves performance, at half the cost of other Zero Trust solutions. ZTEdge delivers a comprehensive set of Zero Trust security capabilities via a high-performance, resilient cloud platform. A cloud-native architecture and flexible global PoP infrastructure make ZTEdge highly efficient, allowing us to pass significant cost savings along to our customers.

Let us accelerate your move to Zero Trust.

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