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Ericom offers a full line of terminal emulators for a wide range of hosts.

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Ericom PowerTerm

Ericom offers a full line of terminal emulators for a wide range of hosts. The Ericom PowerTerm® Series terminal emulators are the affordable option for providing reliable, secure and easy access to legacy host systems, including accounting, inventory, management, and other mission critical applications.

Ericom’s solutions support over 35 terminal emulator types and a wide range of client operating systems, making PowerTerm a perfect fit for all your host access needs. It includes a powerful built-in programming language, PowerTerm Script Language (PSL), an extension of the industry standard TCL scripting language that enables you to create scripts for automating functions, which can be mapped to clickable macro buttons. For example, you can create a PSL script which logs you in automatically.

Join the many organizations that have benefited from dramatic cost savings by replacing their legacy emulation solutions with simple, fast and effective Ericom PowerTerm.

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Ericom PowerTerm Datasheets

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PowerTerm Pro Series Solution Guide

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Ericom PowerTerm Lite & Plus

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Ericom PowerTerm Interconnect

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