Product Spotlight

Ericom Shield
Securely isolate web content and phishing sites remote from endpoints, so malware can’t get in, yet users access sites and apps freely.


Ericom Connect
Secure application access to business apps and desktops – even legacy system apps -- that dramatically reduces IT complexity and cost.


Ericom Connect: Fast, Simple, Secure Access for Your Employees Working from Home

Neutralize Web-based Threats

Keep even zero-day malware from reaching your endpoints
Block Phishing Attacks

Make credential theft and phishing compromises a thing of the past
Secure Access to Desktops and Apps

Powerful secure application access for customers who value flexibility and performance


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The award-winning community bank is just one of a growing list of financial institutions that have implemented Zero Trust web browsing to protect their business and customers from web-based cyber attacks.
If you are closing offices to protect your employees' health, we can support your efforts by enabling users to easily connect to their desktops, applications and data from home.
Ericom Shield Zero Trust Browsing solution is recognized with Publisher’s Choice Award for Anti-Phishing, Most Innovative Award for Anti-Malware, and Best Product Award for Deep Sea Phishing – Next Gen Email Security.
David Canellos shares with Forbes why Zero Trust can reduce the business risk created by “digital transformation” initiatives that integrate technology and cloud services to automate internal workflow and external collaboration.
Customers Rave about Ericom Connect
“It’s a company that wants to work with customers.” “Easy, reliable, simple, efficient.” “Value for money.” “It’s a fantastic product.” And that’s just the start!

Ericom Shield announced as Gold Winner for Zero Trust Cybersecurity Product, Cloud Security Product, and Endpoint Security Product. The company was also honored with the award for the Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company - NA.

All of the other products we looked at lacked a decisive advantage, but when I found Ericom Shield I thought, 'This is just what I’ve been looking for!'

Takurou Yashima
Data Center Management
Osaki Computer Engineering Co., Ltd.

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