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Protect Your Hybrid Environments, Distributed Teams and Sensitive Data with Isolation-Based Solutions

Today, work happens via digital connections. Yet at each one, sensitive data can leak from your business or stealthy malware can get in.

Ericom solutions simplify and secure today’s connected business environments. Digital flows are routed through airgapped containers in the Ericom Cloud, where granular, policy-based Zero Trust controls restrict user activity and app functions. Sophisticated virtualization and sanitization technologies enable full interactivity, while keeping risky content far from endpoints and networks.


The 'Gap' that Minds Your Organization

Users don’t want to be forced to use special tools for access. They want to browse and connect to cloud apps with their usual browsers, use the meeting solution they prefer, and chat with the IM their friends and family use. They want to connect easily from wherever they are and quickly get to the apps and data they need.

Clientless cloud-based Ericom solutions free users to work as they like, from wherever they are, with the browsers and tools they prefer. They free IT staff too, since no installation on endpoints is needed.

Security solutions that are transparent to users work best.


Secure App Access
Apps -- whether on prem, on private or public clouds, or SaaS – are how work gets done. Ericom has app and content security covered with:
  • Web Application Isolation
  • Zero Trust Network Access
  • CASB with DLP
  • Zero Trust Desktop Access
  • IPS
Protected Web Use
The internet access that businesses need, without risky exposure to web-based threats like malware, phishing, zero days and data theft/loss.
  • Web Browser Isolation
  • Secure Web Gateway
  • Phishing Protection
  • Content Disarm & Reconstruction
Safe Collaboration
Secure use of modern work tools that many businesses block due to risks that they pose. Ericom prevents data exposure and keeps even encrypted malware out.
  • Virtual Meeting Isolation
  • Secure Instant Messaging
  • Data Sharing Controls
  • Threat Prevention

Isolation-Powered Secure Services Edge

ZTEdge Cloud Platform
  • Web Security
  • SaaS Security
  • Private App Security
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Network Security

Ericom ZTEdge Secure Services Edge (SSE) converges network, cloud and secure application security controls with network connectivity functions in a flexible, easy-to-manage cloud-based platform.

ZTEdge leverages powerful Ericom isolation technology, built-in Identity Access Management and policy-based controls to provide comprehensive Zero Trust security that is right-sized for mid-sized organizations.



Ericom Blog
Leading Paris-based reseller of technology for post-production video, film, animation and broadcast partners with Ericom to offer ZTEdge Isolation Solutions to their clients
Continuing its multiyear streak of Cybersecurity Excellence Award wins, Ericom’s ZTEdge SSE Platform walked off with Gold Awards in the Zero Trust Security, Network Security, and Browser Isolation product categories.
Solution extends WAF capabilities, giving it and security teams a simple way to enable unmanaged device access to corporate applications while ensuring applications, data and networks stay protected
Citing ZTEdge as a pure platform player built as an integrated solution that converges networking and security in the cloud, the report called the solution highly innovative and named Ericom Software as an SSA vendor to watch.
By leveraging Prisma Access service connection capabilities, Ericom Software, a member of the Palo Alto NextWave Technology Partner Program, and Palo Alto Networks offer a seamless and secure RBI web browsing experience for Prisma Access users.

Customers Rave about Ericom Connect
“It’s a company that wants to work with customers.” “Easy, reliable, simple, efficient.” “Value for money.” “It’s a fantastic product.” And that’s just the start!

Ericom ZTEdge Web Isolation is a very high-performance RBI solution that enables browsing to feel native. It makes the users lives better. If people are looking for a high-performance solution in this space, Ericom ticks the boxes.

Jeremy Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Jellyfish Pictures

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