Secure Virtual Meetings from Web-based Threats

Virtual Meeting Security safeguards Zoom and Teams web apps, with data-sharing controls that prevent exposure and leakage of sensitive information in screen shares, video feeds and chats.

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Data Loss

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Compromised Endpoints

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Uninvited Attendees

Virtual Meetings Expose Networks and Data to Cyber Risks

Virtual meetings like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are basic tools for today’s distributed work and key to how teams collaborate and connect. But they also raise risk of data exposure in chats, screen shares, or videos.

Virtual meeting clients offer some control but many organizations do not permit their use. As a result, government and risk-sensitive organizations forgo virtual meeting use due to security concerns.

Meeting apps are also attractive targets for cybercriminals seeking confidential data, attendee IP addresses, or a simple malware delivery vector.

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Isolate Web Portals

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Cloak IP Addresses

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Restrict Content Sharing

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Prevent Intrusions

Ericom Virtual Meeting Isolation

Preserve all virtual meeting functionality while protecting organizations from data loss and cyberattacks. Clientless Ericom Virtual Meeting Security safeguards activity in virtual meeting web apps for internal users as well as guests.

By isolating virtual meeting functions in the cloud, VMI delivers a seamless experience as well as with powerful security controls:

  • Granular control of individuals’ use of screen share, video, chat, and file sharing/upload
  • Cloaks user and device IP addresses
  • Opens web links from chat to prevent malware exposure
  • Protects PII with DLP
  • Applies CDR to file uploads/downloads to remove malware
  • Blocks unauthorized or malware-enabled participation and recordings

Isolate virtual meetings so your organization can conduct business securely.

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Protect Your Organization from Malware Delivery and Data Loss Enabled by Instant Messenger Encryption

Instant Messenger (IM) web clients, including the popular WhatsApp Web, are great productivity tools. But their end-to-end encryption creates a security blind spot. Ericom Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) solves this productivity-versus-security dilemma by protecting endpoints and networks from malware, ransomware, and other exploits that can be hidden within chats on IM web apps.

Ericom Zero Trust Web Isolation uses RBI to render website content in virtual browsers located in cloud-based containers.

Only safe rendering information is sent to users’ regular web browsers, providing a natural, fully interactive user experience while safeguarding devices and networks.

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