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Air Gapping Your Way to Cyber Safety

Physically air gapping enterprise networks from the web is a great way to protect operations, keep data safe … and squelch productivity. Virtual air gapping is a better approach.

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Motion Picture Association Updates Cybersecurity Best Practices

The MPA recently revised its content security best practices to address, among other challenges, the issue of data protection in the cloud computing age.

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FTC Issues Cybersecurity Warning for QR Codes

QR codes on ads are a simple way to grab potential customers before they move on. No wonder cybercriminals are using QR codes, too.

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Guarding Against the Storm: Insights from Australia's Cyber Threat Report 2022-2023

Malicious cyber activity represents a growing threat to Australia's security and prosperity. Read on for important guidance on protecting your organization.

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New SEC Cybersecurity Reporting Rules Take Effect

Risk assessment is a key factor in investment decisions. Now, with SEC disclosure rules in effect, investors can more easily take cyber risk into account.

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For Credit Unions, Latest Ransomware Attacks Indicate Need for Regulation

Even before the recent ransomware attacks on credit unions, 2023 was shaping up to be a tough year for the financial services sector. Supply chain attacks are largely—but not entirely—to blame.

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The Top 10, Top 10 Predictions for 2024

Don’t settle for just ten top cybersecurity predictions, when you can take a quick stroll through ten of the top lists. Catch Peter Silva’s annual post, here on the Ericom blog.

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SEO Poisoning Brings Users to Attackers’ Doors

Using black hat SEO to achieve high rankings for particular search terms, threat actors can sit back as victims flock to their malware-infected websites.

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The Role of Microsegmentation in Zero Trust Security

As one of the keys to implementing least-privilege access, microsegmentation is an essential element in the Zero Trust toolbox.

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