Remote Desktop Access, Virtual App Publishing

Simple, browser-based or client access from any device or location to the workplace apps and desktops your employees need. Available via on-prem connection broker software or as cloud service.

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Ericom Connect & AccessNow

Available as a cloud service or on-prem software installation, Ericom Connect is an application and remote desktop access solution that enables organizations to simply and quickly connect their distributed workforces, partners, or customers to the IT resources and apps they need. The centrally managed solution gives users browser-based access from any device running any OS, with no clients to install or maintain. IT teams can avoid the hassles of applying client patches, and quickly publish apps and desktops and set granular access policies through a centralized administrative web-based console.

The solution integrates seamlessly with existing VPNs and supports multi-factor authentication (MFA). Alternatively, organizations can elect to securely offload traffic from VPNs via built-in SSL that fully encrypts traffic between clients and terminal servers, even across public networks.

For simple use cases, Ericom AccessNow – which is a subset of Ericom Connect’s functionality – is available to be licensed.

Additionally, organizations with Windows and legacy applications can leverage the solution’s high-performance HTML5 access technology to rapidly transform these applications into web-based and cloud-ready software for browser-based access by users or customers.

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