Ericom Global Cloud Platform Expands Footprint with New Amazon Web Services Israel Region

Expansion Supports Israeli Government and Military Customers Supported by Project Nimbus

New York, NY (September 19, 2023) – Ericom Software, a leading provider of Zero Trust cloud cybersecurity solutions, announced today that its Ericom Global Cloud platform will begin utilizing the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Israel (Tel Aviv) Region to meet the stringent requirements of Project Nimbus, a cutting-edge Israeli government and military cloud computing project.

Adding the new AWS point-of-presence (POP) in Israel to the Ericom Global Cloud platform enables compliance with Project Nimbus, which requires data to be securely stored in Israel.  The AWS POP features three Availability Zones that are engineered to provide low-latency network connectivity should one of them experience catastrophic failure. It also provides high availability, performance, security, and scalability for Ericom Software workloads.

“Israeli organizations have been embracing comprehensive Ericom cybersecurity offerings to secure web access, safeguard sensitive data, and protect application access at a rapidly accelerating pace,” said Gilad Haver, Ericom Software Vice President of International Sales. “The new AWS POP, together with Ericom’s Oracle Cloud Region in Israel, supports Ericom’s growth in the country and throughout the Middle East and underscores its commitment to providing unparalleled support to enterprise and government clients.”

Ericom’s cloud security platform was developed to address the need for a comprehensive set of Zero Trust security controls required to meet the needs of distributed businesses, public sector organizations, and enterprises of all sizes. It cuts complexity, reduces cyber risk, and improves performance, supporting multiple use cases:

  • Protection against web threats, including zero-day attacks: Advanced web isolation technology airgaps devices from all malware, even undetectable zero-day exploits, while DLP and CDR capabilities prevent data loss and attacks via weaponized document downloads.
  • Prevention of credential theft and phishing malware: Websites launched from email links are isolated to block attacks and presented in “read-only” mode to stop users from handing over personal and sensitive data such as user IDs, passwords, and account details.
  • Securing applications and data against unmanaged device and BYOD risks: Delivers simple, secure system access for users on unmanaged devices, controlling application access and data sharing activity while also scanning traffic for malware threats and data exfiltration.
  • Stopping exposure of sensitive data and preventing malware when using generative AI websites: Grants user access to productivity enhancing Gen AI websites while ensuring sensitive information is not shared with tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and others.
  • Controlling SaaS application access: Limiting access to public cloud apps to only authenticated and authorized users, eliminating credential theft risk and restricting data sharing privileges.

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