Remote Access, Application Delivery, and Web Security Solutions

Ericom Access Solutions

Simple, cost–effective solutions for securing and optimizing desktop, application, and web content delivery to any device, anywhere

RDP    RDP Clients & Browser-based Access
Ericom AccessNow
HTML5 browser-based access
Ericom AccessToGo
Mobile RDP clients
Ericom Blaze
Accelerated RDP

Provide easy browser-based access to physical / hosted Windows desktops and apps — with ZERO client-side installation or configuration

The fastest mobile RDP access from iOS and Android devices — available in Free and Blaze-Accelerated modes

Deliver up to 10x faster RDP performance, especially of graphics-rich content

RDS    Secure, Centrally Managed Access
Ericom Connect®
Enterprise Edition
Ericom Connect®
Professional Edition (SMBs)
Virtual Desktop Access (VDI)

Flexible, powerful desktop & application delivery for enterprise-level organizations

Simple, cost-effective desktop & application delivery without the bells and whistles, perfect for growing SMBs

Secure, centrally managed access to virtual desktops running on leading VDI platforms

BYOD    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
BYOD in the Workplace BYOD in Education BYOD in Healthcare

Customizable BYOD access solutions that increase productivity while minimizing IT hassles and reducing help desk support load

Allow students and staff to stay securely connected and productive — from anywhere, using any device

Enable fast, easy access to healthcare data from anywhere, using any device, while reducing IT support costs

BYOD    Secure Browsing
Ericom Shield® for Secure Browsing

Prevent web-borne ransomware, drive-by downloads and zero-day attacks by isolating all browsing sessions from the endpoint, using a virtual browser isolation layer — ZERO client installation

Terminal Emulators    Legacy Host Access
Classic Client-based Terminal Emulators Web-to-Host Terminal Emulation Terminal Emulation for
Embedded Thin Client Devices

Standardize on a single host access solution, supporting over 35 terminal emulation types

Centrally manage configuration and software updates — save time and administrative resources

"Thin" host access solutions for Windows Based Terminals, Windows Thin Clients & Linux Thin Clients

Industry Access Solutions    Access Solutions by Industry
Education Finance Healthcare

Extend the reach of students and faculty with secure access to educational resources from anywhere and any device — including Chromebooks

Centrally monitor access to applications to prevent fraud and lower security threats

Lower costs & complexities of managing access to remote desktops & healthcare applications, from any device, anywhere

Manufacturing Government Telecommunications

Streamline the relationship between suppliers, partners and distributors with secure, real-time data access from any device

Enhance the Quality of Service to the public while optimizing efficiency, security and costs with Ericom’s secure access solutions

Whether you are a phone company, mobile carrier, or a call center, Ericom’s access solutions can help you cut costs and refine your business processes