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Ericom Releases PowerTerm® Pro at ComNet '99

First Host Access Solution to Integrate within Windows 2000 and Office 2000 Interface

ComNet Conference, Washington D.C., January 25, 1999 -- Ericom Software announced today the release of its new PowerTerm® Pro, the first terminal emulation product that is fully compatible with the Windows 2000® and Office 2000 graphic user interface. While the PowerTerm line of products already enables PC users to connect to applications running on a variety of hosts, PowerTerm Pro offers support also for HP and Tandem terminal emulation types.

PowerTerm Pro is the latest edition to Ericom's industry-leading PowerTerm series of terminal emulators for the Windows 3.x/95/98/NT and DOS platforms. It enables PC users to connect to applications running on a variety of IBM AS/400, IBM Mainframe, Digital, UNIX and other mainframe hosts. PowerTerm Pro combines the full functionality of PowerTerm with the customization features offered by the Windows 2000 platform. PowerTerm Pro features customizable toolbars and a new graphical user interface (GUI) for added ease-of-use &ardless of emulation type. PowerTerm Pro supports a full line of HP, Tandem, IBM, Digital, Wyse, Data General, SCO and other terminal emulations, ensuring fast, reliable connections for sharing information throughout the enterprise &ardless of host type.

"With PowerTerm Pro, Ericom once again demonstrates its commitment to incorporating the latest industry standards in order to meet our customers' evolving connectivity solutions," said Ericom CEO and Founder Eran Heyman. "This was the concept behind our remote access solution, PowerTerm CE, which we designed for the Windows CE®. Similarly, PowerTerm Pro expands our clients' comprehensive host access capabilities, allowing them to access mission critical applications whether they are working from their desktop, a handheld PC or from a new Windows 2000-based client."

Among the features in PowerTerm Pro are customizable function keys, a powerful script language, hotspots, multi-sheet copy/paste/print, editor and debugger, scalable screen view, multiple concurrent sessions, history scroll bar, intelligent copy and paste, FTP Client, Intellimouse support and a menu-based point-and-click tool for performing file transfers between PCs and hosts.