Ericom® Software Extends Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 x64 Edition Terminal Servers
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Ericom® Software Extends Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 x64 Edition Terminal Servers

Closter, NJ (April 25, 2005), � Ericom® Software, a leading provider of enterprise application access & Server Based Computing solutions, today at Microsoft's WinHEC, announced the release of PowerTerm® WebConnect with newly added 64-bit support, in tandem with Microsoft's exciting Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions release. PowerTerm WebConnect is a comprehensive solution for secure local and remote access to enterprise applications, residing on Windows Terminal Servers and Legacy systems. Ericom's support for servers running Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition operating system will enable users to take advantage of the latest 64-bit hardware based on Intel EM64T and AMD64 processors. Ericom supports the Microsoft Terminal Server platform with features including Application Publishing, Seamless Windows applications, Load Balancing, SSL Gateway, Active Directory integration, Remote Desktop support, Centralized Administration and more. PowerTerm WebConnect is currently one of the first solutions to provide these enhanced functionalities for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition.

Running on Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server, 32 and 64-bit, PowerTerm WebConnect augments Windows Terminal Server functionality. PowerTerm WebConnect provides central administration tools for lower TCO and IT resource optimization. With PowerTerm WebConnect's application publishing and seamless Windows support, remote Windows applications are fully integrated into the local desktop � giving local and remote applications a consistent look and feel. This serves to lower the user learning curve that is typically associated with non-seamless Windows applications. In addition to Windows connectivity, PowerTerm WebConnect provides connectivity to a wide range of Legacy hosts, including IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, OpenVMS, UNIX, Linux, Tandem, HP-3000 and more - supporting over 30 terminal emulation types. PowerTerm WebConnect is ideal for heterogeneous environments as it provides the best network and CPU utilization in the industry for Server Based Computing in such environments. With Ericom's single solution, users are able to access multiple systems, eliminating the need for costly individual connectivity and access solutions.

Eran Heyman, Founder and CEO of Ericom Software commented: "Enterprises that take advantage of Microsoft's robust 64-bit operating system are now able to handle hundreds of users per Terminal Server, enhancing server efficiency. As enterprises move towards 64-bit computing, it is important that companies are able to maintain access to mission critical Windows and Legacy applications. Until now, IT Managers had to implement various access solutions to meet on-demand access to enterprise applications. No single company could satisfy this real-world need for heterogeneous environments. Today, Ericom's single solution, PowerTerm WebConnect, addresses this need utilizing both Microsoft 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Server 2003 servers, eliminating the need for costly multiple connectivity solutions."

Mike Schutz, Senior Product Manager in the Windows Server group at Microsoft added: "Terminal Server customers will be able to benefit from the additional performance and scalability that the Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions will deliver and we are pleased to see companies like Ericom embracing this release."

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