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Ericom Software, Makers of PowerTerm, Opens U.S. Office

Jerusalem, Israel, August 12, 1998 -- Ericom Software®, a leading developer of enterprise-wide corporate connectivity and management software solutions, today announced the establishment of its U.S.-based wholly-owned subsidiary, Ericom Software, Inc. The subsidiary, which is located in Hackensack, New Jersey, is responsible for overseeing the marketing, sales and technical support of all Ericom products in the U.S., including the company's flagship PowerTerm InterConnect® line of terminal emulators. Headquartered in Israel, Ericom currently holds 10% of the traditional host access market with 1.5 million installations in more than 45 countries worldwide.

"The U.S. market constitutes an important focus of Ericom's strategy for continued growth and success," said Ericom CEO and founder Eran Heyman, "Having an established presence in this market enables us to adhere to our strong ethos of customer service by meeting our clients' needs while continuing to develop products for the growing host access market." Since 1995, Ericom products have been distributed in the U.S. primarily by New Jersey-based UniPress Software, a developer and marketer of PC, NT and UNIX connectivity software. Ericom also has strategic partnerships with Compaq (Digital Equipment Corporation), which bundles its PowerTerm product in PATHWORKS, the company's standard PC-to-host solution. Ericom is looking to expand into new marketing channels while working in conjunction with distributors and resellers on marketing such longstanding products as PowerTerm, and its newly introduced remote access solution, the PowerTerm CE 2.1 for Windows CE.

Ericom's InterConnectivity software solutions provide desktop and remote access to mission-critical legacy applications residing on centralized host systems like Digital, IBM AS/400, IBM Mainframe, Data General, VAX/VMS and Unix. In addition to supporting existing products, the company is involved in ongoing research in such areas as the Internet, enterprise security and license management. Among the products slated for U.S. release in 1999 is PowerTerm Java for Web-to-host connectivity and a VPN-based solution for secure remote-access. Strategic partners include Compaq, Mercury Interactive and Platinum Technology.

Ericom's N.J. office consists of a sales and technical support team of 15. Gerson Schapiro, Ericom's VP of Marketing, said, "We are very excited to be expanding Ericom's presence in the U.S. market by working closely with our distributors and strategic partners and leveraging our host access expertise to meet our clients' evolving connectivity needs."