Host Access Solutions from Ericom Software adopted by Hamelton/Clermont Cooperative Association (H/CCA)
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Hamelton/Clermont Cooperative Association (H/CCA) Chooses PowerTerm® InterConnect For Their Host Access Solutions

Hackensack, NJ August 2000...Ericom® Software, Inc. Ericom Software's PowerTerm InterConnect has been chosen by H/CCA (Hamelton/Clermont Cooperative Association) for their host access solutions. H/CCA is a government agency in Cincinnati, OH, providing services and support to school districts in Clermont and Hamilton counties. Over 1,000 employees at H/CCA [and the school districts] are using PowerTerm Interconnect to report all student data to the State.

"We use PowerTerm InterConnect to connect to Compaq/Digital VMS systems in place of VT terminals," said Douglas Leighton, Programmer/Analyst for H/CCA. " The keyboard mapping and scripting capabilities of PowerTerm are easier to use. It also requires less resources of the computer it's running on then our old emulator. It's easier to support than our old emulator too, which was a Whitepine's PC320" Leighton also states, "The drag and drop keyboard mapping feature alone makes it much easier to explain to the end user".

The PowerTerm InterConnect terminal emulator maximizes enterprise-wide connectivity by enabling reliable access to accounting, inventory management, transaction processing and other mission critical legacy applications. PowerTerm Interconnect provides seamless connectivity to the widest range of machine types and information systems. Currently, H/CCA is using PowerTerm InterConnect on a TCP/IP on Windows NT 4.0.

PowerTerm InterConnect has more features and faster key response than any other competing solution. Features include customizable function keys, PowerScript language, multiple concurrent sessions, history scroll bar, intelligent copy & paste, FTP Client and a menu-based point-and-click tool for performing file transfers between PC, and hosts. This full-featured client ensures fast, reliable connections for sharing information throughout the enterprise, regardless of host type.

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