Wyse Announces Partnership to Provide Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect Client
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Wyse Announces Partnership to Provide Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect Client

SAN JOSE, Calif. (October 19, 2005), Wyse Technology, the global leader in thin computing, today announced an extension of its partnership with Ericom Software to make Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect client available for its new Windows and Linux-based Winterm thin clients. The availability of the PowerTerm WebConnect client with Wyse's industry-leading thin clients will provide customers with extended Windows Terminal Server functionality and management tools.

Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect provides secure local and remote access to applications running on Windows Terminal Server 2000 / 2003 / 2003 x 64 and legacy systems, including IBM Mainframe, AS/400, Unix, OpenVMS, and more. As a server based solution, PowerTerm WebConnect optimizes server usage, supporting up to 1000 users on a single Windows Terminal Server.

PowerTerm WebConnect enhances Windows Terminal Server and RDP functionality on a Wyse Winterm by providing:

  • Application Publishing with Seamless Windows mode for improved application usability
  • Multiple Windows applications over a single RDP session
  • Enhanced Security with SSL Secure Gateway mode
  • Server and Application Load Balancing
  • Active Directory integration
  • Integration with IBM Workplace -- As an integrated solution, users have the option to access mission critical applications from within the IBM Workplace framework.
  • In conjunction with Wyse Rapport Management Software, the ability to provide remote assistance to Winterms via Ericom's SupportView software

"Wyse is pleased to announce our plans to make Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect client software available to our customers," said Ali Fenn, Vice President of Business Development and Alliances, Wyse Technology. "As with their superior terminal emulation technology, Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect will provide Winterm users with a simplified and optimized connectivity solution to Windows Terminal Server and legacy systems."

Ericom Founder and CEO, Eran Heyman commented, "Accessibility, availability and management of mission critical applications is vital to the success of any organization. Organizations require a comprehensive solution to address these needs, while minimizing overall costs. The combined value of the Wyse Winterm thin clients and Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect will provide the market with a robust and cost-effective solution for enterprise application access."

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