Wyse Technology Partners with Ericom® Software for Text Terminal Emulation
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Wyse Technology Partners with Ericom® Software for Text Terminal Emulation

SAN JOSE, Calif. (July 5, 2005), Wyse Technology, the global leader in network-centric computing, today announced an exclusive agreement with Ericom Software to provide Ericom’s PowerTerm® terminal emulation on its new Windows and Linux-based Winterm™ thin clients.

Terminal emulation on Wyse's industry-leading thin clients provides customers with the flexibility to access any applications which are hosted on legacy back-end servers. The PowerTerm suite of emulators delivers this capability with a rich, user-friendly interface that simplifies and extends host access functionality, increasing user productivity and facilitating workflow.

"Access to both legacy and current applications is a requirement for many enterprises today," said John Kish, CEO, Wyse Technology. "As part of our commitment to delivering the highest quality thin client solutions, Wyse has made the strategic decision to adopt Ericom's superior terminal emulation technology."

Ericom's PowerTerm terminal emulation products for thin clients are designed to provide a robust product with a compact footprint. PowerTerm delivers:

  • Powerful emulation performance with a fast screen refresh rate.
  • Task automation enabled by Ericom's comprehensive scripting language which eliminates repeated work.
  • Easy and fast adaptation and migration from terminal legacy environments to thin clients through Ericom's drag & drop graphical keyboard mapping functionality.
  • Smooth migration from terminal legacy environments to thin clients, through the use of a full range of terminal fonts especially designed for this purpose.

Eran Heyman, Founder and CEO of Ericom Software, confirmed: "We are delighted to be partnering with Wyse, the world leader in thin-client technology. By combining the Winterm thin client with PowerTerm, and Ericom's proven experience in comprehensive host connectivity solutions, Ericom and Wyse will provide the market with a superbly cost effective and full-featured thin client."

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