Flywheel IT Services Partners with Ericom Software to Deliver ZTEdge SASE as a Managed Service that Simplifies Zero Trust Secure Access for UK SMBs

New York, NY and London, England, 15 February, 2022 – Flywheel IT Services, a provider of professional IT and security services and solutions that are tailored to the needs of the small and mid-sized businesses it serves, and Ericom Software, a leading provider of Zero Trust cloud cybersecurity solutions and developer of the ZTEdge™ SASE Platform, today announced that Flywheel IT is leveraging ZTEdge to deliver Zero Trust managed security services to their customers. In addition, Flywheel IT has partnered with Ericom Software to distribute the cloud-based ZTEdge platform for customers with in-house security teams.

Flywheel IT began providing managed security services to customers via the ZTEdge cloud platform in 2021. Customer response has been exciting, with reported improvements in their security posture as well as cost savings over previous solutions.

With the increase in the frequency and severity of ransomware attacks, the need for a Zero Trust security approach via a cloud-first Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform has become vital for organizations of all sizes. Ericom’s ZTEdge SASE platform is delivered on the Ericom Global Cloud, which offers simple, fast, local access to the Zero Trust security controls needed to protect today’s distributed workforces.

“Service partners like Flywheel IT Services are essential for SME customers who do not have in-house security staff, and therefore rely on our expertise, support and solution recommendations. Through Flywheel IT’s partnership with Ericom, our customers benefit from ZTEdge enterprise class Zero Trust security protections that keeps their networks and users secure, in any location and on any device – and all within a realistic budget,” said Rob Chapman, Corporate Sales Manager, Flywheel IT. “We look forward to further developing our partnership and enabling more customers to start their Zero Trust journeys, with simple to use, effective and affordable cloud services enabled by the ZTEdge security platform.”

Ericom’s ZTEdge cloud security platform is the simplest way for midsize enterprises and small businesses to rapidly adopt Zero Trust security principles. ZTEdge provides organizations with an integrated cloud security solution that cuts complexity, reduces cyber-risk, and improves performance, all at a dramatically lower price point than alternative solutions.

The ZTEdge platform includes a broad set of capabilities that support multiple use cases, including ZTEdge Desktop, which secures access to remote desktops, replacing vulnerable RDP/RDS solutions; ZTEdge Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), a secure alternative to VPNs for remote access to internal resources, including networks, applications and data; ZTEdge Web Isolation, remote browser isolation-based web security that protects users and data from ransomware and phishing; and ZTEdge Web Security, which integrates remote browser isolation-based web security with a secure web gateway (SWG).

“Every organisation needs to defend against zero-day exploits, ransomware and phishing by securing internet use. Likewise, enforcing least privilege access immediately improves organisations’ risk posture by limiting each user to only the applications and resources they need,” said Matthew Howes, Ericom Director of EMEA Channels. “We designed ZTEdge specifically to meet the emerging security needs of small and mid-size organizations and their remote users, and are delighted to partner with Flywheel IT to support cloud-based Zero Trust security for companies like these, regardless of whether they choose to manage security in house or opt for externally managed security services.”

To learn more about ZTEdge, check out this on-demand demonstration or contact Flywheel IT Services +44 (0)20 39858585.

About Ericom Software

Ericom Software is a leading provider of cloud-delivered, Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions that protect today’s digitally distributed organizations from advanced security threats. The company’s ZTEdge™ platform is the industry’s first Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution developed specifically for midsize enterprises and small businesses. Ericom solutions leverage innovative remote browser isolation, application isolation, micro-segmentation, and virtualization technologies, and are delivered on the Ericom Global Cloud, a distributed high-availability elastic cloud platform. Ericom’s cybersecurity solutions protect thousands of businesses and millions of end users worldwide. The company has offices around the world and a global network of distributors and partners.

About Flywheel IT Services

Flywheel IT Services is a company formed to consolidate the IT Services market, so it can provide much better services to UK businesses. IT Services in the UK are currently delivered by thousands of small firms that often provide good service yet are unfortunately indistinguishable from each other except by their geography. The unnecessary cost of duplicating identical capabilities is ultimately borne by UK businesses. Flywheel IT Services realized that through consolidation it could deliver economies of scale that mean better service for less cost. While professionalising the operations of the businesses it acquires, Flywheel IT is creating unique tailored services for customers that are not available from smaller fragmented companies. Learn more about Flywheel IT Services here.

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