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You can still get the same simple HTML5 web-based remote application access you count on as part of Ericom Connect. Check out the Ericom Connect online demo or contact us to speak to an Ericom representative.
Resilient, High-Performance Security Services, Everywhere Your Users Are
Protect your distributed workforce, applications, and data with award-winning user-centric cybersecurity services

Connect Locally, Secure Access Globally
Ericom Global Cloud platform protects your users, data and applications, with simple, no-latency, local access to the resources your remote and home-based workers and globally distributed teams need.

Cloud-First Architecture

Ericom Global Cloud platform uses high availability elastic cloud infrastructure that scales to deliver the experience users expect. It leverages multi-cloud infrastructure-as-code technologies, and is hosted by Tier‑1 IaaS providers.
Performance and Flexibility

To minimize latency, geo IP location services automatically route users to the nearest cloud access point. Autoscaling and load balancing ensure high performance regardless of demand. PoPs are centrally managed and monitored, and new PoPs can be deployed in a matter of days.

Policy Enforcement at the Edge

At each PoP of the Ericom Global Cloud, multitenant Cloud Edges -- full-featured, inline security gateways -- inspect all traffic, and enforce each organization’s specific web, application, data, and network security policies. Policy enforcement is user-based and remains consistent regardless of location.

Engineered for Security, Privacy and Availability
As the originators of Zero Trust browsing and developer of the ZTEdge Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform, Ericom Software is fully committed to the security of our customers. That’s why the Ericom Global Cloud is SOC 2 certified – to ensure that rigorous controls are in place to keep our customers’ data – and their customers’ data as well -- confidential, secure, private and ready for use.

This solution gives our employees the broad secure web access they need to remain productive while ensuring our organization remains secure.

Paul E. Rousseau, SVP IT Architecture and Engineering Director at Enterprise Bank 

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