FAQs on VMware View Client Ericom

FAQs About Ericom AccessNow for VMware View

The first VDI solution to work from a Chromebook, and natively with Chrome, Safari, IE and other HTML5–compliant browsers

What is AccessNow for VMware View?

AccessNow for VMware Horizon View is an HTML5 RDP client that delivers seamless access to VMware View virtual desktops running wholly within a browser. Ericom's unique technology gives users the flexibility and mobility to access their desktops from anywhere, and any HTML5 compatible browser on any platform�Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad / iPhone, Android, Google Chromebook, RIM BlackBerry / Playbook, Amazon Kindle Fire HD � even locked-down Workstations � lowering user device support load and enabling BYOD adoption. AccessNow for VMware View does not install anything on the end-user client device. Moreover, the HTML5 client looks, works and performs like (and even better than) the regular (native) RDP client.

What is Pure HTML?

This means that the client does not require Flash or Java or ActiveX or Silverlight or any other special software installed - it is implemented using only standard web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). As a result, all you need in order to use it is an HTML5 compatible web browser such as Google Chrome, IE, Apple Safari, Firefox, etc.

How Does Ericom5 Client for VMware View Work

It's so simple! All you need is:

  • An HTML5 compatible web browser, such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Firefox.
  • Link to a web page
  • Enter the computer name of the VMware View server
  • Press 'Connect' - The View desktop appears within the browser - not in a separate window

browser-based access to VMware View desktop via Chrome

Does AccessNow support PCoIP?

Ericom AccessNow was designed to work on top of WebSocket, which is the new communication mechanism introduced in HTML5 for high-performance, bi-directional, full-duplex communications channels, over a single TCP socket. AccessNow also optimally integrates with JavaScript and the new HTML5 canvas component for image rendering in the browser. PCoIP has its own proprietary image format which is not supported by browsers and therefore can't be displayed within browsers.

In addition, PCoIP's high efficiency stems to a great degree from the use of its own proprietary image formats and image processing techniques. None of the major browsers currently support these proprietary image formats, which prevents the implementation of a PCoIP HTML5 client.

Key Benefits of the HTML5 Client for VMware Horizon View

  • Enables HTML5-compliant browsers to access and deliver desktop and application experiences
  • Does not require Java, Flash, Silverlight or any other underlying technology
  • Ericom Secure Gateway enables users to connect to their desktops from anywhere, without requiring a VPN connection
  • Integrates Ericom RDP compression and acceleration technology delivering great remote access performance
  • Supports next-generation HTML5-compliant Web Browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google, Safari and others)
  • Runs on Chromebooks, netbooks, desktops, laptops and thin clients
  • Looks and works the same way on all supported device types, thus reducing training and help desk overhead
  • Integrates with Homegrown portals and Enterprise portals

Technical Features

  • Supports Intel x86, ARM or any other CPU architecture
  • Can act as a Gateway, providing Internet desktop access to company's LAN computers by publishing only one IP address
  • Ericom provides native SSL- secure data transfer, regardless of the computer operating system
  • Leverages the HTML5 canvas to display a remote PC desktop, taking full advantage of WebSocket, AJAX, JSON and HTML5 technologies
  • Deployable to locked-down end-points, for which the user does not have administrative privileges
  • The web client uses Ajax and WebSocket (when available) to connect over SSL to the Ericom server, and displays the remote PC desktop, enabling full remote mouse and keyboard control
  • Implemented using only standard web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript)
  • Compatible with SSL VPNs and web proxies that do not support WebSockets
  • URL redirection- clicking a web link in the remote session optionally opens it in a tab in the local browser
  • Remote / local printing - print from the remote host to the end-point device
  • Supports File Transfer between the remote host and the local end-user device
  • Finger gestures for touch devices makes it easy to page through presentations, quickly scroll through documents, and more
  • Localized UI (User Interface) � UI locale automatically selected based on browser locale
  • UI is displayable in English, Japanese, Chinese and other languages
  • Supports multiple keyboard locales including Japanese and Korean

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