Connect Feature Comparis - Ericom

Ericom Connect® Enterprise and Professional Editions

Key Features & Privileges for Enterprises and SMBs

In the table below, find out which features and privileges are available with Connect Enterprise Edition or Connect Professional Edition licenses.

For more information about the Ericom Connect, please see the Ericom Connect FAQ.

  Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
End User Experience
Application Publishing
Enables adding, deleting and managing published applications, desktops and documents
Native client used to login to Ericom Connect and view assigned resources
Native mobile app used to login to Ericom Connect and view assigned resources
100% web-based interface used to login to Ericom Connect and view assigned resources
My Desktop Feature
Enables Active Directory assigned access to sessions and workstations
End User Productivity
SAML and oAuth Windows Single Sign-on (SSO)
Authenticate users into hosted Windows-based applications using standard SSO protocols (SAML or oAuth).
True Windows Single Sign-on (SSO)
Ericom AccessPortal and AccessPad (starting in 8.4) can use locally authenticated Windows credentials to single sign-on into Ericom Connect.
Session Sharing and Following
Session sharing allows multiple applications to share one session – optimizing resource utilization on the RDP host. Session following (also known as stealing) allows active sessions to follow end-users when to connect from a different device.
Session Log off, Disconnect, and Reset
Integrated functionality to remotely log off, disconnect, or reset an active user session
Seamless Session Shadowing
Secure user shadowing supporting control and view-only mode using just the web browser (no downloads required). Great for providing technical support.
Administrator Features
Web Based Administration Console
Used to login to Ericom Connect and view assigned resources
High-level view of system health and activity – quickly identify issues and trends, and verify system stability
Detailed Reporting
Enables intelligent data mining and reporting, i.e., server usage, resource overloading
Business Intelligence Visualization
Provides visualization of Ericom Connect data that can be used for ad hoc usage analysis
System Resource Management
Manage System Servers
Enables management of multiple system components from a single UI
Resource Group Management
Single interface for resource publishing, group-policy management and user-control
Host-Group Management
Enables group-level management
Multi Tenancy
Designated admin control with secure separation for multi-tenant environments
Delegated Admin
Enables role-based administration
System Configuration Options
Multi-level Session Configuration
Enables flexible and configurable session control
Active Directory Integration
Supports multiple Active Directory accounts that can be assigned Administrator access
Command Line Access
Enables CLI for automation of tasks
SQL DB Views for Custom Reporting
Simplified report customization
Launch Analysis
Enables detailed analysis of user's connection for proactive troubleshooting
Two-factor Authentication
RADIUS compatible two-factor authentication technologies
System Specifications
Number of Remote Desktop Servers/Terminal Servers
Default number supported
10 11+
Number of Workstations/Desktops
Default number supported
500 500+
Number of Published Applications
Default number supported
30 30+
Number of Concurrent Users
Default number supported
1000 1000+
Number of Tenants

Default number supported

3 1000