Citrix alternative - Best cost-saving alternative to XenApp

The Real Alternative to Citrix — Ericom Connect®

Citrix XenApp 6.x End of life (EOL) is your opportunity towards a more simplified and cost-effective remote access solution

Ericom Connect ® is the ideal solution for customers who want a powerful, yet more straightforward and cost-effective alternative to Citrix® XenApp. Ericom provides the same key security, reliability, performance, and mobility benefits that Citrix offers - more simply and at a price that more organizations can afford.

Are your versions of Citrix XenApp 6.x approaching End of Maintenance (EOM) / End of Life (EOL)?

Join the many businesses and organizations who have already made the switch! Ericom Connect caters to your application-publishing needs as part of a broad range of business use-cases, to increase productivity and significantly reduce complexity and IT costs.

Ericom vs Citrix: Key Differentiators

Features and FunctionalityEricom Citrix
Straightforward product installation and configuration -- in hours or lessYesNo
HTML5 clientless access, with rich mobility toolsYesProvided as a fallback; lacks rich mobility tools
Enterprise-wide reporting & analytics platform (encompassing multiple sites / data centers)YesNo
Cost & pricingAttractive price-performance with multiple pricing modelsHigh license and support costs; rigid pricing models

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All the features you need delivered via a single web console:

  • Rapid deployment - in hours vs. days for typical installations
  • Hyper-scalable, easy to deploy and use - supports up to 100,000 concurrent users per Ericom Connect management server
  • Intuitive administration and configuration
  • High availability grid technology across all management servers / connection brokers
  • Web-first approach - HTML5 access from any device, in addition to native clients
  • Built-in powerful BI reporting and analytics
  • Multi-tenancy capability coupled with delegated administration
  • Hybrid Cloud deployment including on premise and all common cloud platforms
  • Cross data center deployments and management supporting large organization needs
  • And so much more...

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Success Stories

"We reduced our expenditure on software licenses by 50% by replacing Citrix with Ericom - yet we made no compromises in functionality."

Bob Gurney, IT Manager, Jaeger

Are your XenApp 6.x versions nearing end of life (EOL)?

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