What is Disaster Recovery

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery, also known as DR, is a field that leverages security methods, procedures and plans to preserve a company from a variety of serious and harmful events. Detailed, up-to-date disaster recovery is critical for business continuity and viability in the event that man-made or natural disasters strike.

The following are essential elements of a Disaster Recovery plan for information and technology systems:

policy Policy
A DR policy is an examination plan with clear objectives. It includes prioritization, risk identification, estimated recovery time and business processes.
DR team DR team
An IT disaster recovery team includes the CIO, senior IT manager and team members who are specialized in executing the various disaster recovery protocols. Be sure that all members can be reached reliably, no matter where they are, in the event of a disaster.
Emergency response actions Emergency response actions
This includes conducting a risk assessment to identify potential scenarios. The organization needs to understand what can happen, create rules for resource prerequisites and prioritization, as well as prepare plans and procedures for the business. The plan should be aligned with performance goals.
Diagram Diagram
Create a diagram of the entire organization network and build the plan to address each element of the diagram. Know what can go wrong with each area, what needs to be done to restore it, what resources are needed, and who is responsible.
Make lists Make lists
It is essential to prepare an inventory of systems and software that will be needed for the recovery plan ensure the items required will be available.
Insurance Insurance
Insurance agencies are obligated to be available when disaster strikes. Make a summary of insurance coverages and be sure to include contact information – landline and cell phone numbers as well as email addresses. Be sure the store policy copies in a safe place.

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