Discover how WAI addresses the OWASP Top 10 Web App Security Risks

Contract and Gig Workers Often Need Access to Corporate Data and Apps. But Their Unmanaged Devices Introduce Risk.

Today’s flexible, distributed work structures empower organizations to benefit from the expertise and efficiencies 3rd party workers provide.
Typically, these workers need access to the same apps and data that employees use. Your IT department, however, has not provisioned their devices to control how those apps and data are used, or to protect company resources from infected devices.

Eliminate 3rd-Party Device Risk, With No Software to Install or Special Browsers Required

Neither 3rd party workers nor corporate IT want to hassle with installing software on unmanaged devices to protect organizations from risk. And workers prefer the browsers they generally use.

Cloud-based Ericom Web Application Isolation controls 3rd party access, safeguards against data exposure, and protects enterprise networks and apps from attack – all without any software to install on unmanaged devices, or requiring use of special “enterprise” browsers.

Control 3rd Party Use of Corporate Assets to Prevent Data Exposure and Loss

3rd party contractors need corporate data to accomplish their tasks – but should be blocked from seeing a single byte more, or from taking any action beyond what’s required.

With Ericom Web Application Isolation, 3rd party users access your public and private web and cloud apps via an isolated environment in the Ericom Global Cloud. Granular per-user policy-driven controls restrict user visibility to the resources they need and prevent data exposure with DLP and controls of upload, download and clipboarding functions.

Protect Networks from Threats from Unmanaged 3rd Party Devices

Contractors’ devices are a black hole: Since they are not managed by corporate IT, there’s no way to know if they’re infected with malware or if credentials from them have been stolen or hacked.

With Ericom Web Application Isolation, 3rd party users access your network and cloud apps via isolated containers in the Ericom Global Cloud. Policy-based controls block or restrict file uploads, sanitize permitted files before uploading them to corporate networks or cloud apps, and enforce IP-based access controls.

WAI for Office365
Isolate Web and Cloud Apps to Stop Exploits

Cybercriminals often start attacks on corporate web and cloud apps by probing for vulnerabilities that they can exploit.

Web Application Isolation addresses OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks by inverting RBI to cloak web-exposed app attack surfaces. Entry points like web page code and APIs can’t be seen and exploited, so apps and websites can’t be easily attacked.

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