Server-Based Computing - Secure local and remote access to Terminal Servers, Virtual Desktops and Blade PCs.

Server–Based Computing

Secure and Simple Application Access – On Demand

Ericom's Server-based Computing (SBC) Solution – Ericom Connect – provides flexible and secure enterprise-wide access to business-critical applications, enabling organizations to respond to a broad range of challenges - from ease of implementation and use to flexible scalability, great user experience, cost performance and more.

Ericom Connect for serverbased computing across the Enterprise to any application, from any device, anywhere

Faster & Easier Deployments

Ericom Connect is fast and simple to configure, intuitive and cost-effective - ideal for companies with remote branches and telecommuters
  • Support workforce mobility & flexible working arrangements - from home or on the road
  • Increase enterprise security - Gain greater control over application access
  • Hyperscalable Access - start small and grow to as much as you want - 100,000 users per server
  • Expedite Application roll outs - Centralize application publishing and administration and save IT staff valuable time and travel costs
  • Enhance user flexibility - Access data from any device, anywhere
  • Lower TCO - optimize productivity levels and reduce licensing costs
  • Reduce IT complexity and desktop management costs - Eliminate costly client-based installations and technical support
  • Enhance business agility - ensure business continuity during server interruptions

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