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Free RDP & Remote Desktop Client for Mobile Devices – Ericom AccessToGo

Ericom's free mobile RDP client – AccessToGo – offers easy remote desktop access from your mobile device to hosted Windows applications, physical and virtual desktops (VDI), and Windows terminal servers - securely, anytime and anywhere.

Ericom AccessToGo is a native client for mobile platforms that specifically works with iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. It is designed to work in both centrally managed (with a connection broker) and unmanaged environments. Ericom AccessToGo is available in two modes: standard RDP (Free) and Blaze accelerated mode. Ericom AccessToGo provides quick, easy and secure free remote access with highly accurate screen control, intuitive up-down scrolling, and support for both touch gestures and a floating pointer tool for greater accuracy.

Discover The Best User Experience for Mobile Remote Desktop Connections

Ericom's Blaze RDP acceleration technology allows mobile users to easily and quickly access any centrally hosted Windows desktops and applications, even over low bandwidth connections. In Blaze accelerated mode, AccessToGo leverages Ericom’s RDP compression and acceleration technology to enhance remote desktop display performance by up to 10 times over slow network connections and WANs. These accelerated sessions are especially useful for viewing content that contains highly graphical images and animations, such as PDFs, streaming video, and 2D/3D images.

For IT administrators, Ericom's mobile RDP solutions simplify access management for any number of mobile devices from inside or outside the office. For remote users, Ericom's mobile RDP clients provide secure and on-demand access to terminal servers, desktops or workstations, simply and effectively.

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