Ericom's mobile RDP client for for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices

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Ericom AccessToGo

Ericom's RDP client - AccessToGo - makes it easy to access Windows applications, physical and virtual desktops (VDI), and Windows terminal servers - securely, anytime and anywhere, from iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch , Android tablets and phones, Chromebooks and Windows, Mac and Linux devices running the Chrome browser, and BlackBerry Phones and Tablets

For IT administrators, Ericom's RDP client simplifies access management for any number of mobile devices from inside or outside the office. For remote users, Ericom's RDP client provides secure and on-demand access to terminal servers, desktops or workstations simply and effectively. Download the white paper "Mobile Access Security & Management".

RDP Clients:

Important: For Ericom Blaze and PowerTerm WebConnect Customers

  1. On November 2, 2014, AccessToGo 3.x will appear in the app stores.
  2. Due to the significant enhancements in Ericom Blaze 3.X, we will EOL Ericom Blaze 2.X.
  3. If you are still using BlazeServer 2.X, you will no longer be able to work in Blaze mode with ATG 3.X; you should update now to AccessServer 3.X.