Video: Introducing Ericom Shield for Secure Browsing

Introducing Ericom Shield for Secure Browsing

The Web Isn’t Black and White - Your Web Security Solution Shouldn’t Be Either

Let’s face it - blacklisting, whitelisting and even detection tools aren't all that effective at preventing breaches. (If they did work, we wouldn’t all be worrying about the tenuous state of corporate security today.)

90% of cyber attacks originate with emails and on the web. Even the best firewalls, SWGs, and EDPs can’t protect your most precious assets from browser-facilitated infiltration by web-based threats.

But Ericom Shield can. Watch to see how.



Meet Joe CISO, the information security professional responsible for the protection of the organization from all cyber threats, including web-borne attacks. A thrilling job, except that traditional solutions are no longer effective in blocking the multiple risks originating through unsafe web browsing. Antivirus, secure web gateways, and firewalls; each focuses on its own detection and remediation approach after the threat has already breached the network and perhaps even executed… TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE!

The complexity and volume of new threats launched daily, is making Joe CISO constantly keep products and versions up-to-date but this is no longer enough – far from it.

This endless update effort involves dependence on operating systems, extreme hardware requirements, IT overhead, and inferior user experience. A new approach is a must!

Joe CISO knows that the stakes are high. It’s time to eliminate those threats early on.

This is exactly what Ericom Shield™ takes care of — PREVENTION!

Instead of solely relying on threat detection and remediation, it sends web traffic on a detour.

Ericom Shield executes a dedicated virtual browser for each user's browsing session. The virtual browser launches in an isolated environment outside the network, ensuring that no malware can penetrate or reach the endpoint. The end user views the web content as a visual stream, free of malware. Web-borne threats are contained and disarmed remotely. And above all, there's a seamless user experience, supported by all operating systems and devices.

Finally, Joe CISO has a real solution that keeps the organization free from web-borne threats, while allowing the business to operate as usual.

Ericom. Be Connected, Be Secure.