Free 60-day License: Fast, Simple, Secure Remote System Access for Your Work-From-Home Users

Ericom Quickly Connects Homebound Workers with Business Systems and their In-Office Desktops During Coronavirus Outbreak

If you need to quickly enable work-from-home to help your business weather office closures, we have what you need. Get your employees up and running in under an hour with our intuitive, simple-to-use software solution.

Ericom is offering free 60-day licenses for Ericom Connect* to enable anywhere, anytime browser-based employee access to business-critical applications and their in-office desktops. And to protect users while they browse the web from home, you can also receive free 60-day licenses for Ericom Shield Zero Trust browsing.

Ericom Connect secure desktop and application access software solution keeps your employees connected, secured, and productive.

    For IT

  • Deploys in under an hour

  • Web-based console for easy management

  • Requires no IT certification or training

  • VPN not required (but supported if you use one)

    For Users

  • Simple, intuitive user experience

  • Browser-based access to networks and in-office desktops

  • No installation on endpoints

* Licenses of Connect cover the first 100 users. Free Ericom Shield licenses cover 25 users. 60-day term begins when first user is provisioned on the software.

Please make sure that the user you've entered is the one used for past Ericom registration and try again. If still doesn't work please register as a new user.