Web-to-Host Access: Secure & Centrally


Take Legacy Assets to a New Level

In today's economy, one of the best ways for an organization to emerge as productive and agile is to optimize their IT resources. Ericom helps organization achieve this with PowerTerm® WebConnect HostView web-to-host emulation. Leverage the benefits of PC-client access software and server-based computing to take legacy assets to a new level.

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    Fast, centralized, and cost-effective application roll-outs
    Centrally manage configuration and software updates - save on time and administrative resources

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    Enhance the end-user experience
    Increase productivity; enable anytime, anywhere access to business-critical applications using a standard web browser, regardless of the user's physical location

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    Reduce costs associated with individual licensing, maintenance, support and updates

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    Safeguard Access to Core Business Data With Enhanced Security
    SSL, SSH, SFTP, Active Directory and LDAP integration, Single Sign-On, authentication (including Kerberos), RADIUS, RSA® SecurID® and SecurEnvoy® SecureAccess and SecurICE two-factor authentication support, and more

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    Extensive logging and auditing
    PowerTerm WebConnect HostView's logging and auditing features preserve a detailed history of all events for review and analysis

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    Flexible, Interoperable Deployments
    Supporting over 35 terminal emulation types (including IBM 3270 IBM 5250, VT, HP and Tandem), Ericom's web-to-host terminal emulation software connects to applications running on a wide range of legacy hosts, including IBM Mainframe (zSeries), IBM Midrange (iSeries), OpenVMS, HP3000, Unix, Linux, Tandem and others

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    PowerTerm WebConnect Server Minimum Requirements

    • Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2012 R2 (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • 530 MB of free Hard-Disk space
    • 2GB RAM for evaluation environments and small sites
    • 4GB RAM for production environments

    • NOTES:

    • PowerTerm WebConnect HostView Right to Left edition is not compatible with Windows 2003
    • For installations of 250 or more users, a dedicated server for the PowerTerm WebConnect Server is recommended.
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    PowerTerm WebConnect HostView Client Requirements

    • Windows (XP / Vista / 7 / 8 – 32-bit or 64-bit), Mac OS (Intel & PowerPC) or Linux (Ubuntu Red Hat)
    • 15 MB of hard disk space
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    Client Downloader Components

    • Any HTML5-capable browser (e.g., IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) can be used to install and configure the client (user) components described above.

    • ActiveX Windows clients that are launched via the browser require any supported Internet Explorer or Mozilla browser version
    • Java Windows clients support Java 2 Platform Stand. Ed. V1.4.x and higher

    • New Features (Windows only)
    • Two Factor Authentication
      Support for Radius based two factor authentication methods
    • Authentication Server
      Updated authentication server and new admin UI for easy authentication configuration

    • New Features (Windows only)
    • Windows 2012 Support
      The Ericom product suite including PowerTerm WebConnect server, PowerTerm WebConnect Administration Tool, TsAgent, Ericom LoadBalancer, Ericom DeskView and Ericom Secure Gateway now support Windows 2012 server. All functionality that existed in previous version of Windows will now function on Windows 2012 server.
    • Windows 8 Support
      Ericom clients including RemoteView and HostView now support Windows 8. All functionality that existed in previous version of Windows will now function on Windows 8 desktop.
    • Failover and Clustering Support
      Added failover and clustering support when using Ericom Secure Gateway. See documentation for implementation details.

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    • Cool touch friendly toolbar
    • Direct print mode for faster printing
    • Automatic reconnect upon recovery
    • NLA/TLS support
    • Graphical gestures help screen
    • Easy access keys: ESC, TAB, Windows key
    • NOTE: This is a maintenance release for the AccessToGo offering; no new features have been added to AccessNow
    • NOTE: This version is NOT backwards compatible with Blaze version 2.x and AccessToGo version 2.x.
    • Resolves a known issue where the AccessNow keyboard button is not functional on iOS8 devices
    • New Features:
    • Smoother PDF scrolling. Improved scrolling of complex PDF documents in remote sessions
    • Higher Frames Per Second on videos. 50% improvement in frames per second on HD videos and animations
    • Numerous AccessNow keyboard improvements. Support for English (Australia) keyboard, Swedish/German keyboard fixes, Japanese keyboard fixes
    • Improvements for printing and file transfer. Support removing of fileUploadIcon / fileDownloadIcon

    • Fixed Issues:
    • Suppress double error message (34596)
    • Fix F1 key on IE
    • Zoom issue on MS Surface(34584)
    • Fix Korean/English toggle issue (34128)
    • Fix for Swedish keys (34069)
    • Android orientation change issue (34553)
    • Fix incorrect information on audiomode in config.js (34530)
    • NOTE: This version is NOT backwards compatible with Blaze version 2.x and AccessToGo version 2.x.
    • SSL Improvements. Removed all references to OpenSSL and made general SSL fixes
    • New Licensing Mode. New Licensing Mode for supporting 1000+ AccessServers
    • Performance Enhancements. Reduced Audio bandwidth by over 75%
    • POST support. Support for http POST to AccessNow
    • SSL VPN settings. Better support for SSL VPN
    • Mac Support. Better support for Mac clients using key combinations
    • Parameter Encryption. Ability to pass multiple settings using a single, encoded parameter.
    • NOTE: This version is NOT backwards compatible with AccessNow version 2.x.
    • Session resize. AccessNow session will automatically resize to fit the browser window after a windows resize or orientation change.
    • Major performance enhancements. Major performance enhancements over previous versions including improved video and audio support.
    • Access Server. The AccessNow Server is now called Access Server. It is a unified server serving AccessNow and Blaze clients.
    • 64 Bit & 32 Bit versions. Access Server is available in 64 Bit & 32 Bit versions to make best use of system resources.
    • Time zone Redirection. Default support for using client time zone within sessions. (Can be turned off based on configuration).
    • Windows SSL. Access Server now uses standard Windows SSL for improved stability and performance.
    • RDP redirection. AccessNow supports RDP redirection for environments making use of RDP farms.
    • UI Customizations. Hide Windows login/logoff screens when accessing published applications. Change background color during AccessNow login.
    • Customize Printer Name. Customize the printer name that appears within AccessNow.
    • Ignore URL parameters. Configure AccessNow to ignore URL parameters for tighter security.
    • Localization Support The AccessNow UI can now be displayed in languages other than English, including Japanese and Chinese. The default display language is set based on the default browser language. Japanese and Korean keyboard layouts are now also supported.
    • Audio Support for iOS6 and Android.
    • Touch Support for IE10 (Surface, Windows Phone 8 and Ultrabooks). Note that pinch to zoom and panning isn't supported.
    • AccessNow for VMware application mode You can now specify an application to launch on AccessNow for VMware View
    • Improved SLL support SSL is now implemented with WinSSL (instead of OpenSSL). You can now View/Change/Restore
    • SSL certificates via the AccessNow Configuration Tool.
    • Official support for Microsoft Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Internet Explorer 10 (IE10)
    • Support for Safari and Chrome on iOS6, including new iPad, iPad mini and iPhone 5
    • Support for Firefox 14 and higher on Android
    • Support for Silk browser on Amazon Kindle Fire HD
    • Support for connecting through Cisco SSL VPN
    • Support for folder uploads (currently only for Chrome)
    • API for File Transfer
    • New option to display only the connection name in tab title (nameOnly)
    • Support Command key for right-click on Mac
    • Access Server is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
    • Supports Ericom Secure Gateway failover sequence
    • File Transfer for local and mapped drives
    • Enhanced support for tablets and smartphones
    • Support for right-click on Mac (Command+left+click)
    • Automatic language selection – the session's keyboard locale will be selected based on the browser's interface language
    • Japanese and Korean language input support for all devices (those physical keyboards or virtual keyboards)
    • Shorter default page URL (https://server-name:8080/)
    • Performance improvements
    • Printing: print files from the remote AccessNow session to the local printer
    • Print as PDF: save print output from the RDP session to the local device as PDF files
    • File Transfer: transfer files between local and remote sessions
    • URL Redirection (open URL's using local browser)
    • HTTPS mode (support for SSL VPN and proxies that do not support WebSockets)
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 support without requiring Google Chrome Frame
    • Support for mobile devices – both smartphone and tablets, such as iPad, iPhone, RIM Playbook, etc.
    • Clipboard support – copy and paste between remote session and local applications.
    • Audio redirection support: play sound in the AccessNow session
    • Full support for Chromebook keyboard, including hot keys for extended features such as function keys.
    • Full support for Windows XP as remote (RDP) host.
    • Support for latest versions of Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Opera and Microsoft IE10 Beta.
    • Supports RSA SecurID for two-factor authentication (for VMware View).
    • New Access Server and licensing configuration utility.
    • Improved performance and reduced resource utilization.
    • Secure Gateway can function as an HTTP proxy for VMware View server and IIS.
    • Secure Gateway can be used as standalone web server for AccessNow.
    • Enhanced configurability of AN: hidden fields, remember password, etc.
    • AccessNow API – pass settings from other web applications or services into AccessNow (e.g., credentials for Single Sign-On)
    • Licensing improvements.
    • Support for Console sessions
    • AccessNow client logging for improved customer support.
    • Ericom Access Server:
    • Windows operating system; Windows 2003 and 2003 R2 – 32 bit and x64 | Windows 2008 – 32 bit and x64 | Windows 2008 R2, Windows XP (sp2 and up), Vista and Windows 7 – 32 bit and x64. | Windows 2012, Windows 8
    • Incoming RDP connections enabled on the OS.
    • 20 MB of free Hard-Disk space.
    • MMX and SSE2 capable CPU.
    • Firewalls are configured to allow traffic over the AccessNow port.

    • Ericom AccessNow Client (WebComponent):
    • HTML5 supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera. | Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 | Windows 2003 and 2003 R24 | Windows 2008 | Windows 2008 R2 |Windows 2012
    • Linux
    • Mac OSX
    • MMX and SSE2 capable CPU.
    • iOS and Android
    • When connecting using secure WebSockets or HTTPS, always install a proper certificate on the server-side (Ericom SecureGateway or Access Server).
    • When the AccessNow client is delivered using HTTPS, always connect using secure WebSockets or through the ESG.

    • One-time Installation & Deployment:
      PowerTerm WebConnect HostView is installed only once on the server and then downloads automatically into the client's browser, reducing installation time.
    • Centralized Management:
      With configuration from a central location, rather than on each individual PC, the system administrator has complete control of log-on and resource permissions, as well as the ability to screen against unauthorized access.
    • Centralized Administration:
      Administrators have the ability to deploy enterprise-wide system updates and installations from a central location, saving time and associated costs.
    • Session Reconnect:
      If a user’s session is interrupted, work is automatically resumed from the point of interruption. There's no loss of work or data, saving the user from repeating the login process.
    • Enhanced Security:
      SSL, SSH; SFTP; Active Directory and LDAP integration; Single Sign-On and authentication (including Kerberos); SSL VPN integration and interoperability; Secure Gateway; central configuration and lockdown of client features, server-stored scripts, and configurations; RSA® SecurID® and RADIUS two-factor authentication (2FA) support (within native Windows client).
    • Secure Remote Printing:
      Supports dynamic IP addresses, with firewall friendly remote LPD printing secured by SSL, enabling users to print remotely to any local and network printer, regardless of their physical location.

      • Hosts Supported:
        IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, Unix, Linux, OpenVMS, Data General, SCO, Tandem, HP-3000
      • Communication Modes (O/S dependent):
        Microsoft SNA server, Novell Netware for SAA, APPC (NS-router for 5250), Telnet, Serial, Modem Direct COM Port, LAT, COM NSVT, NWLAT, DECnet, CTERM, RLOGIN
      • Supported Interfaces:
        Ethernet and Serial ports
      • Printing support:
        Auto print mode, print screen, slave printing, IBM 3287 printer, IBM 3812 printer, SNA LUI and LU3 support, advanced printing, host print transform, override host settings
      • Security Features:
        SSL, SSH; SFTP; Active Directory and LDAP integration; Single Sign-On and authentication (including Kerberos); Secure Gateway; SSL VPN integration and interoperability; central configuration and lockdown of client features, server-stored scripts, and configurations; RSA® SecurID® and RADIUS two-factor authentication (2FA) support (within native Windows client)
      • Centralized Management & Administration Tool Features:
        Management of users, groups and sessions; customizable session login script; customizable drag & drop keyboard mapping table; user-restricted pre-configured sessions; enhanced login security (allow predefined IP addresses only); monitoring of network traffic statistics; active session control (including the ability to shut down undesired sessions)
      • Other Features:
        LK450 keyboard support, keyboard mapping & property page, modem dialing, keep alive-timeout, Power Script Language, Intelli-mouse support, save-lock-state, language code pages support, macros, script recorder, history scroll bar for session review, high-level API, DDE client & server, intelligent copy & paste of blocks/lines/words, floating programmable PowerPad keypad, programmable hotspots, status display for host and printer, HLLAPI, EHLLAPI, control character entry capabilities.
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    Dell Wyse:

    • Wyse 50/60
    • Wyse 370
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    • TVI 920/925/950/955
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    • VT52, VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420, VT525, VT525
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    AIX Term

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    • ADDS VP A2, Data General D-412, HP 700/96, HZ 1500, Siemens 97801, Tandem, XTERM

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