Secure Terminal Emulators for Windows – with VBA

PowerTerm® Pro/Enterprise

The PowerTerm Pro Series is Ericom Software's premier terminal emulation solution for Windows that simplifies and extends legacy access functionality. Supporting a diverse range of hosts and emulation types, PowerTerm Pro enables corporations to standardize on a single host access solution. Featuring a customizable GUI, SSL*, SSH* and secure file transfer (SFTP)*, PowerTerm Pro and PowerTerm Pro Enterprise offer a number of options, so corporations can choose the PowerTerm Pro product that meets their host, security, server and productivity needs.

“PowerTerm Pro was the best solution for our needs. Some products we looked at were too expensive, and exceeded our IT budget; others did not have the functionality we needed.”

Tom Duebber, Programmer/Analyst, Roto-Rooter


  • Keyboard Mapping Demo Video - Watch how easy it is to remap keys using PowerTerm’s convenient keyboard mapping feature(this video requires Flash Player - download here)
  • PowerTerm Pro VBA Sample Scripts - PowerTerm Pro Enterprise enables you to write VBA scripts that can access and manipulate PowerTerm Pro objects and attributes. Here is a list of sample scripts.

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