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ZTEdge ™ the First Zero Trust Cloud Security Solution for Midsize Enterprises

Simple and Affordable Cloud Security Service Delivered by Certified ZTEdge Managed Security Service Providers

New York, NY (May 17, 2021) – Ericom Software, a leader in Zero Trust cloud cybersecurity solutions for secure web and application access, today announced the launch of ZTEdge, a comprehensive Zero Trust security platform that meets the unique requirements of midsize enterprises (MSEs) and small businesses. ZTEdge is delivered to MSEs by certified ZTEdge MSSP partners as a single cloud security solution that cuts complexity, reduces cyber-risk, and improves performance, all at a dramatically lower price point than alternative solutions.

“Large enterprises have accelerated their adoption of Zero Trust security in response to the increased levels of cyberattacks experienced during the pandemic,” said Dr. Chase Cunningham, former Forrester Analyst for Zero Trust and Chief Strategy Officer at Ericom Software. “MSEs and small businesses have the same need for Zero Trust security protection as the Global 2000, but existing solutions are too complex, too expensive, and too resource-intensive for many of them to adopt. ZTEdge provides a solution that is right-sized for the needs of this market.”

Designed for Midsize Enterprises

MSEs are typically an afterthought for enterprise security vendors, which develop solutions that are appropriate for large organizations with sizable IT and security teams. As a result, MSEs seeking robust solutions frequently end up grappling with products that they lack the resources to effectively integrate, deploy, and manage, leaving them with costly security solutions that do not provide the level of protection they require. ZTEdge takes a fundamentally different approach, making MSEs the focus.

“We worked closely with MSEs to ensure that ZTEdge delivers strong protections for all users, regardless of location, across a full range of functions,” said John Peterson, Chief Product Officer at Ericom Software. “At every stage of development, we remained focused on the key, non-negotiable solution design principles of simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability. We are gratified that the feedback we’ve received makes it clear that we hit the mark.”

Commenting on the ZTEdge solution, Kamalika Sandell, Chief Information Officer at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, a leading engineering school with over 11,000 students, said “ZTEdge offers a unique value proposition for organizations, delivering a comprehensive set of integrated Zero Trust security capabilities via a simple and affordable always-on cloud platform.”

ZTEdge Security Controls and Platform

ZTEdge includes a broad set of capabilities that support multiple ZTEdge use cases, including:

  • Identifying Users and Authenticating Devices: Connecting the right people and devices to the right applications and resources.
  • Secure Web and Internet Access: Protecting users, and their devices, as they interact with the web and email.
    Secure Remote Private Application Access: Providing a simple way to connect remote workers with private cloud or on-premises applications.
  • SaaS Application Access: Controlling access to public cloud apps like Office 365 or Salesforce, eliminating credential theft risks, and restricting data sharing privileges.
  • Network Protection and Monitoring: Segmenting and monitoring networks to stop threats like ransomware spread, and detecting, blocking, and remediating intrusions.
  • User-Branch-Internet Connectivity: Securely inter-connecting offices and enabling local internet breakouts to eliminate traffic backhauling and improve performance.

With over two dozen global points of presence, the ZTEdge platform runs on a distributed global cloud infrastructure deployed on Tier-1 cloud IaaS partners. The ZTEdge Threat Intelligence Network also runs on this infrastructure, dynamically correlating threat telemetry data from multiple industry sources, including the Cyber Threat Alliance, combining it with proprietary information from the ZTEdge global user community to produce the real-time threat risk information powering the platform.

Delivered by Certified MSSP Partners

The ZTEdge service is delivered through a select group of certified ZTEdge MSSP partners that focus on serving the needs of MSEs. Many midsize and small enterprises rely on MSSPs to provide technical expertise and “as a service” security solutions that protect their organizations.

Mark Mahovlich, Vice President of Strategy & Execution, ICM Cyber commented, “We believe that an approach aligned with Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is what all organizations, including MSEs, should pursue. Given the large enterprise orientation of most security solution providers, we wanted a right-sized solution that provides a simple, cost-effective way for MSEs to quickly implement their own SASE strategy. The ZTEdge platform is the solution to do just that and is a valuable addition to the market.”

About ZTEdge

The ZTEdge cloud security platform is the simplest way for midsize enterprises and small businesses to rapidly adopt Zero Trust security principles. ZTEdge is delivered to the market by certified ZTEdge MSSP partners, providing organizations with an integrated cloud security solution that cuts complexity, reduces cyber-risk, and improves performance, all at a dramatically lower price point than alternative solutions.

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