Ericom Wins Four Global InfoSec Awards at the 2021 RSA Conference

Company’s Zero Trust Security Solutions Honored for Anti-Phishing, Malware Prevention, and Microsegmentation Capabilities

New York, NY (May 19, 2021) – Ericom Software, a leader in secure web and application access solutions, today announced that it has received four 2021 Cyber Defense InfoSec Awards: Most Innovative in Anti Phishing, Best Product in Anti Phishing, Next-Gen in Deep Sea Phishing, and Cutting Edge in Microsegmentation. Ericom Software is being recognized as an innovator in applying the concept of Zero Trust security to interactions with web and email and adding powerful identity-based microsegementation and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) security controls to VPNs and corporate networks.

This is Cyber Defense Magazine’s ninth year recognizing the most innovative and valuable cyber defense companies around the globe. To be considered for the award, startups and companies at all stages in the information security cyber defense space must have a unique and captivating value proposition. The judges are CISSP, FMDHS, and CEH-certified security professionals who vote on the submissions based upon their independent review of company resources on the website.

“We are honored to be recognized by Cyber Defense Magazine and the judging panel that consists of certified security professionals for our zero trust remote browser isolation cloud service and zero trust network access solution,” said David Canellos, President and CEO of Ericom Software. “We are focused on keeping our customers safe from the elevated levels of cyberattacks the market is experiencing with simple, effective, and affordable.”

Ericom’s ZTEedge remote browser isolation solution prevents ransomware, zero-day malware, advanced web threats, and phishing attacks from reaching endpoints by executing active web content in a remote, isolated container. Whether users browse to a malicious site independently or by clicking a URL embedded in a phishing email, they are completely safe since no web content is ever executed directly on their devices. An interactive media stream representing the website is sent to a device’s browser, providing a safe, fully interactive, seamless user experience. Websites launched from URLs in emails can be rendered in read-only mode to prevent users from entering credentials for additional phishing protection. Attached files are sanitized before being transmitted to endpoints, ensuring that malware within downloads cannot compromise users’ devices.

Ericom’s ZTNA solution integrates with existing remote access VPNs and Next Generation Firewalls for a more cost-effective approach to securing corporate applications and data from the security risks associated with excessive access rights inside a network, which create an environment hackers and malicious insiders can easily exploit. Extensive permissions unnecessarily expose applications and other resources to threats, enabling lateral spread of malware and attacks inside the network. The solution’s identity-based microsegmentation techniques prevent attacks by limiting remote and internal application access to only what is truly required. It cloaks applications from unauthorized users, stopping the spread of threats by making them invisible to would-be attackers.

Additionally, EAI’s patent-pending Automated Policy Manager takes the pain out of establishing granular per-user remote (North-South) and internal (East-West) secure access policies. Machine learning, combined with network traffic analysis, is used to automatically generate the least-privilege access user permissions needed to enforce Zero Trust Network Access controls.

About Ericom Software

Ericom Software is a leading provider of Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions that protect organizations from advanced security threats. Leveraging innovative browser and application isolation technologies, Ericom’s cloud-delivered security solutions enable simple, secure policy-driven access to mission-critical applications and resources, including the web, without impacting end-user productivity.

Ericom’s platform of browser isolation, remote access, secure connectivity, mobility, and virtualization technologies enhance cybersecurity and productivity while reducing cost and complexity for thousands of businesses and millions of end users worldwide. The company has offices in the US, UK, and EMEA, and a global network of distributors and partners.

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