Cyber Guards Partners with Ericom Software to Add Zero Trust Security Solutions to its Managed Services Portfolio

Company Says Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Other Key Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Capabilities are Needed to Protect Midsize Enterprises

Memphis, TN and New York, NY (June 8, 2022)Cyber Guards, a managed security service provider specializing in managed detection and response, security validation testing, and compliance assessments, and Ericom Software, a leading provider of Zero Trust cloud cybersecurity solutions and developer of the ZTEdge™ SASE Platform, announced today that Cyber Guards is leveraging ZTEdge to deliver Zero Trust managed security services to midsize enterprises (MSEs) and SMBs.

“There is a lot of hype about Zero Trust security. As a result, organizations are coming to us seeking clarification of what Zero Trust is and wanting advice on how they can implement it,” said Erik Holmes, Cyber Guards CEO. “We partnered with Ericom because ZTEdge isn’t hype. The platform is comprehensive, offering a variety of capabilities that organizations can immediately take advantage of to improve their security and scale as their needs change.”

Ericom’s ZTEdge cloud security platform is the easiest way for midsize enterprises and small businesses to rapidly adopt Zero Trust security principles. ZTEdge provides organizations with an integrated cloud security solution that cuts complexity, reduces cyber-risk, and improves performance, all at a dramatically lower price point than alternative solutions. The platform’s Zero Trust security controls support multiple use cases, including:

  • Identifying users and authenticating devices: Securely connecting the right people and devices to the right applications and resources.
  • Eliminating ransomware and phishing: Protecting users and their devices as they interact with the web and email.
  • Securing remote access to private applications and desktops: Providing a simple way to connect remote workers with private cloud and on-premises applications and remote desktops.
  • Controlling SaaS application access: Limiting access to public cloud apps like Office 365 or Salesforce to only authenticated and authorized users, eliminating credential theft risk, and restricting data sharing privileges.
  • Segmenting networks and providing visibility: Segmenting and monitoring networks to stop threats like ransomware spread and detecting, blocking, and remediating intrusions.
  • Simplifying networking using a Cloud Area Network™: Reducing cost and complexity while improving security by connecting users, apps, servers, and containers through a high-performance Zero Trust cloud overlay network.

Holmes continued, “In looking at the Zero Trust capabilities available through the ZTEdge platform, we feel like an obvious place to start for many of our customers will be the use of the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution as a replacement for complex and vulnerable remote access VPNs. With ZTEdge, it is simple to implement ZTNA making it the ideal first step in an organization’s Zero Trust journey.”

With ZTEdge ZTNA, no network reconfiguration is required, and it can be easily integrated with an existing identity solution or alternatively, an organization can utilize built-in ZTEdge identity and access management and multi-factor authentication capabilities.

Once a user is authenticated, the user is connected to only the limited set of applications and IT resources they are explicitly authorized to use, based on their individual access policy information. All other resources are cloaked so users and bad actors have no visibility to their presence on the network, eliminating lateral movement and the risk of ransomware infection and spread. The solution comes with a patent-pending ML-enabled Automatic Policy Builder that automates user-level policy creation, simplifying the process of creating, maintaining, and monitoring granular access policies.

Simon Moran, ZTEdge Vice President of Sales & Business Development, added, “When we met with Erik and the Cyber Guards team, we were immediately impressed with the culture of service and the cybersecurity experience they bring to the midsize enterprise and small business markets they serve. ZTEdge was built with the needs of these organizations in mind, delivering a broad set of Zero Trust security controls at a price-point aligned with the budgets of smaller businesses.”

Learn more about the ZTEdge Zero Trust Cloud Security Platform here.

About Ericom Software

Ericom Software is a leading provider of cloud-delivered, Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions that protect today’s digitally distributed organizations from advanced security threats. The company’s ZTEdge™ platform is the industry’s first Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution developed specifically for midsize enterprises and small businesses. Ericom solutions leverage innovative remote browser isolation, application isolation, micro-segmentation, and virtualization technologies, and are delivered on the Ericom Global Cloud, a distributed high-availability elastic cloud platform. Ericom’s cybersecurity solutions protect thousands of businesses and millions of end users worldwide. The company has offices around the world and a global network of distributors and partners.

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