Cetra Technology to Offer Ericom’s ZTEdge Cloud Security Platform to Securely Connect Distributed Work Environments

Partnership Allows Cetra to Deliver Key SASE Capabilities that Enable Organizations to Quickly Adopt Zero Trust Security

New York, NY and Honolulu, HI, February 7, 2022Ericom Software, a leader in cloud cybersecurity solutions and developer of the ZTEdge™ Zero Trust SASE Security Platform, today announced that Cetra Technology, a leading IT services company, will be offering managed security services to its clients using the Ericom ZTEdge Cloud Security platform.

“At Cetra Technology, we constantly strive to offer our clients the latest and the best solutions for all their internet-based technology needs. Nothing is more important than cybersecurity and, in our view, Zero Trust is the ultimate standard,” said Michael McMurdo, Cetra CEO. “When we saw the demo of the ZTEdge platform, with all of its capabilities and the ease of operation, we knew this was the Zero Trust solution that our clients needed.”

ZTEdge SASE Platform

The ZTEdge SASE platform offers a comprehensive set of Zero Trust security controls supporting multiple use cases, including:

  • Identifying users and authenticating devices: Securely connecting the right people and devices to the right applications and resources.
  • Eliminating ransomware and phishing: Protecting users and their devices as they interact with the web and email.
  • Securing remote access to private applications and desktops: Providing a simple way to connect remote workers with private cloud and on-premise applications and remote desktops.
  • Controlling SaaS application access: Limiting access to public cloud apps like Office 365 or Salesforce to only authenticated and authorized users, eliminating credential theft risk and restricting data sharing privileges.
  • Segmenting networks and providing visibility: Segmenting and monitoring networks to stop threats like ransomware spread and detecting, blocking, and remediating intrusions.
  • Simplifying networking using a Cloud Area Network™: Reducing cost and complexity while improving security by connecting users, apps, servers, and containers through a high-performance Zero Trust cloud overlay network.

“Our business philosophies align well,” said Guy Fernandes, Cetra President. “Customers like working with us because we give them just ‘one neck to choke’ for all their technology needs. ZTEdge is comprehensive in its offerings and allows organizations to choose the Zero Trust technologies they need. We were also impressed with the intuitive design and the cost-effectiveness of the platform.”

“One of the key 2022 endpoint security trends is known as Zero Trust Network Access or ZTNA,” Jared Hufferd, Vice President of Sales for Ericom ZTEdge explained. “Many organizations begin their adoption of the ZTEdge platform there because they need to secure their distributed workforces as they remotely access private applications and data.

“We are pleased to welcome Cetra Technology as a partner for Ericom’s ZTEdge platform,” Hufferd continued. “Cetra is a well-respected provider of IT services and a trusted partner to its clients, and we are excited to work closely with them to bring ZTEdge’s Zero Trust security capabilities to their customers.”

Cetra Technology is a Honolulu-based company with offices on Maui and Manila that provides businesses with leading-edge solutions for all their internet-based technology needs including managed services, cybersecurity, physical security (access control and security cameras), VOIP systems, cloud solutions, virtual desktop, network infrastructure, backup and disaster recovery, forensic investigation, and digital marketing. For more information go to www.cetratech.com and www.cetrasecure.com.

About Ericom Software and the ZTEdge SASE Cloud Security Platform

Ericom Software is a leading provider of cloud-delivered, Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions that protect today’s digitally distributed organizations from advanced security threats. The company’s ZTEdge™ platform is the industry’s leading Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution developed specifically for midsize enterprises and small businesses. Ericom solutions protect thousands of businesses and millions of end users worldwide and leverage innovative remote browser isolation, application isolation, microsegmentation, and virtualization technologies, and are delivered on the ZTEdge Global Cloud.

Moving to a Zero Trust isolation-based security approach is faster and easier than you think.

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