Alps System Integration Collaborates with Ericom Software Partner, Ashisuto, to Launch Integrated Web Isolation Security Solution to the Japanese Market

Ericom Shield Cloud-Based Zero Trust Browser Isolation Service Protects Enterprises from Web-Based Malware and Phishing Attacks

New York, NY (December 9, 2019) – Ericom Software, a leader in secure web and application access solutions, today announced that its partner, Japan-based K.K. Ashisuto, has collaborated with Alps System Integration Co. (ALSI) to bring Ericom’s isolation capabilities to ALSI’s InterSafe WebFilter product. Ashisuto and ALSI will jointly promote the secure web access solution, which integrates Ericom Shield Browser Isolation with InterSafe WebFilter.

Ericom Shield prevents ransomware and other web-borne threats from reaching user endpoints by executing active web content in a remote, isolated, cloud-based container. An interactive media stream representing the website is sent to a device’s browser, providing a safe, seamless, fully interactive user experience. Whether users browse to a malicious site on their own or reach one by clicking a URL embedded in a phishing email, they are completely safe since no web content is ever executed directly on the device.

Ericom Shield’s capabilities now work seamlessly with InterSafe WebFilter. When InterSafe WebFilter classifies URLs as “safe sites” they will be rendered in the user’s local browser. When sites are classified as prohibited or unsafe, they will be blocked. When URLs are classified as “uncategorized” or “suspicious”, they will be executed and rendered in a virtual isolation chamber, and the site will be made available to users as a safe, fully interactive visual stream. The isolation technology ensures that any malware on the site will not reach the user’s device.

“Ericom Shield provides a unique combination of security and productivity benefits to organizations,” said David Canellos, CEO and President of Ericom Software. “Since it eliminates threats that might be delivered by sites with limited reputational history or suspicious sites, Ericom Shield allows companies to open up access to the web, so their employees can remain productive. We are pleased to be able to work with ALSI and Ashisuto to bring this integrated web security offering to the Japanese market.”

“Cyber-attack methods are becoming more sophisticated every day. An increasingly common technique used by cybercriminals is to create a malicious website and use social engineering techniques to lure in employees to infect their endpoints,” Canellos continued. “Rather than blocking access to all uncategorized sites, which can lead to significant business disruption for organizations, isolation can be used to safely visit these destinations.”

“InterSafe WebFilter has been a leading web security solution in Japan for over a decade,” said Satoshi Hakozaki, Managing Director and General Manager of Security Solution Division of ALSI. “Our customers rely on our products to keep them secure and we are pleased to partner with Ashisuto and Ericom to bring them innovative isolation capabilities to protect their organizations from sophisticated web-based malware and phishing threats.”

For additional phishing protection, Ericom Shield’s browser isolation technology can render sites in read-only mode to prevent users from entering credentials. Attached files are sanitized before being transmitted to endpoints, ensuring that malware within downloads cannot infect end-user devices.

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About Ericom Software

Ericom Software provides businesses with secure access to the web and corporate applications, in the cloud and on-premises, from any device or location. Leveraging innovative isolation capabilities and multiple secure access technologies, Ericom’s solutions ensure that devices and applications are protected from cybersecurity threats, and users can connect to only the specific resources they are authorized to access.

Ericom’s platform of browser isolation, remote access, secure connectivity, mobility, and virtualization technologies enhances cybersecurity and productivity while reducing cost and complexity for thousands of businesses and millions of end users worldwide. The company has offices in the US, UK, and EMEA, and a global network of distributors and partners.

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About Alps System Integration Co. (ALSI)

Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. (ALSI) was established in 1990 as an IT strategic company of the Alps Alpine Group, a global manufacturer of electronic component and automotive infotainment. We conduct business to provide “digital”, “security”, “embedded software” and “IoT” solutions using the expertise accumulated based upon the “Monozukuri” concept. “Security” solutions use the further advanced and comprehensive web categorization and filtering technology used by mobile users, service providers, hardware vendors, gateway appliances and any other vendors.

About Ashisuto

Ashisuto distributes a broad range of package software from a variety of suppliers while remaining independent of hardware and software manufacturers. As the leading “package integrator” in Japan, we combine our knowledge of package software with expert support services to implement reliable systems in the areas of information utilization, system operations, and database design and management. With a slogan, “Helping Customers Excel,” we remain committed to providing the best possible combinations of services and products, including business software and open-source software, which enable our customers to solve problems and achieve their business goals. Visit us at

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