VBA for Automation, Integration, and Customization

VBA for Automation, Integration, and Customization

The incorporation of VBA into PowerTerm Pro Enterprise offers a number of concrete advantages:
  • Compatibility with Visual Basic: Because VBA provides all the functionality of the latest Visual Basic, users have a common language for consolidating earlier macro and scripting languages. Since VBA is a well-known and universally accepted scripting language, it facilitates access to the back end of any other VBA enabled program, so PowerTerm Pro Enterprise can interface with these systems.

  • Customization: VBA ensures a high level of customization and ease of use both in the Windows environment as well as with many other independently developed VBA products.

  • Increased productivity: Using VBA tools that automate many of PowerTerm Pro Enterprise's tasks, PowerTerm Pro Enterprise users can move data from legacy applications into a Windows-based program such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and more.

  • Ease of deployment: Installation is easy and instantaneous.

  • Cost effective: The deployment cost per user for PowerTerm Pro Enterprise with VBA is minimal since no special software has to be bought or downloaded. The simplicity and wide acceptance of the technology also minimizes the total cost of ownership by reducing training costs, since there is no need to learn a new scripting language.

  • Leveraging existing knowledge and skills: In the past, terminal emulation software required organizations to train staff in the use of various proprietary scripting languages in order to automate repeated tasks. PowerTerm Pro Enterprise with VBA offers a universally accepted scripting language for achieving the goal of task automation in a fraction of the time.

  • Reduced network loads: With PowerTerm Pro Enterprise featuring VBA, no large components have to be downloaded to run applications.

  • Integration: PowerTerm Pro Enterprise allows tight integration and easy interfacing between various VBA applications, including Office applications. This facilitates the integration of customized PowerTerm Pro Enterprise components with Internet, extranet and intranet solutions for extended functionality.