The Cloud Area Network™

Your apps have moved to the cloud and your users are remote. Isn’t it time to network the modern way? Easily connect users, apps, servers, and containers with the Cloud Area Network.

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Your Challenge:

The way your organization works has changed. Your networking approach has not.

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Cost & Complexity

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Lateral Movement

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Vulnerable VPN & RDP

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The consequences of “networking as usual” are higher costs, lower productivity, and increased likelihood of breaches. Apps, users, devices, and other IT resources are seemingly everywhere in today’s distributed enterprise, but most organizations continue to deploy costly on-premise switches connected with physical Ethernet cables to create WANs and LANs to stay connected. And what about enabling remote access? Organizations continue to rely on vulnerable and slow VPNs. In addition to being expensive and complicated, these traditional networking approaches make the move to new security frameworks like Zero Trust nearly impossible to implement. It’s clear – Ethernet-based networks have run their course, and they are holding enterprises back.

Our Solution:

Zero Trust cloud overlay approach for secure, cost-effective, policy-controlled network connections

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1:1 Zero Trust Connections

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Cloud Overlay Network

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Automated Granular Policies

The ZTEdge Cloud Area Network is a cost-effective cloud-based approach to networking that leverages Zero Trust security to enable granular, efficient, policy-controlled traffic between users, devices and endpoints, regardless of where they are located.

Replacing costly cables, switches, and routers with high-performance WireGuard® UDP/IP tunnels between all devices and resources (on-premises and cloud-based) creates networks that offer excellent performance, unprecedented portability.

In addition to greater efficiency and scalability, Cloud Area Networks have Zero Trust security built in. One-to-one connections between each authenticated user and network resource (server, app, database, etc.) are created only when granular policies – created with the assistance of ZTEdge’s patent-pending Automated Policy Builder – allow them to connect, ensuring that your infrastructure remains dark to any unauthorized user.

Stop thinking about configuring firewalls, subnets, VPNs and ACLs, and start boosting the entire organization’s productivity by enabling secure access via the ZTEdge Cloud Area Network.

Automatic Policy Builder

Build Granular Per-User Access Policies — Automatically

The patent-pending Automatic Policy Builder automates user-level policy creation and provides real-time monitoring to simplify remote application access. This unique capability frees up development time and makes policies easy to create, maintain, and monitor. Network traffic analysis and alerting enable ongoing improvement of your network security posture. Manual overrides and adjustments can be applied as needed, to ensure that no user is dangerously over-privileged or needlessly inconvenienced.

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Why ZTEdge?

Simple, affordable Zero Trust capabilities in a single integrated cloud platform

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ZTEdge is a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform that cuts complexity, reduces cyber-risk, and improves performance, at half the cost of other Zero Trust solutions. ZTEdge delivers a comprehensive set of Zero Trust security capabilities via a high-performance, resilient cloud platform. A cloud-native architecture and flexible global PoP infrastructure make ZTEdge highly efficient, allowing us to pass significant cost savings along to our customers.

Let us accelerate your move to Zero Trust.

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Moving to a Zero Trust isolation-based security approach is faster and easier than you think.

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