The 2021 Zero Trust Market Dynamics Survey

We asked 1200+ Security & Risk professionals about their thoughts on Zero Trust security and their plans for implementation. The findings gave us some interesting insights into the attitudes about and understanding of Zero Trust architecture. We are sharing those results with you here.

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Zero Trust Security Market Momentum

Survey results indicate that Zero Trust solutions are finally being widely adopted – it’s been over a decade since the Zero Trust security concept was first introduced. Spurred by the recent sharp increase in ransomware and other sophisticated cyberattacks, the majority of organizations – 83% – believe that Zero Trust security is strategically important, and most have plans to begin implementation during 2021.

Key Survey Findings

Survey Insights

  • Half of respondents agree that Zero Trust is a proactive strategy, better at reducing risk and controlling the threat space
  • Many believe that Zero Trust helps with sophisticated threats, which means APTs and nation states

Survey Insights

  • Policies are hard, especially creating them at scale and keeping them current
  • Change management is difficult as well and the dynamic nature of business and development can hinder Zero Trust rollout

Survey Insights

  • There is broad-based recognition that having a partner with subject matter expertise in Zero Trust processes and tools is essential to effectively adopting Zero Trust

Dr. Chase Cunningham

Listen to Chase, Dr. Zero Trust, discuss the survey results and his key takeaways.

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