Ericom PowerPartner Program

Ericom and You – The Perfect Partnership for Winning New Business

Join Ericom in addressing today's application access challenges high on the agenda of today's business decision-makers:
  • Increasing profits
  • Reducing IT costs
  • Enhancing security
  • Workforce mobility
  • Remote access on-demand
  • Easier deployments
  • Improving productivity

The PowerPartner Program

The PowerPartner program brings together all the elements of success needed to address these challenges. Leverage your portfolio with Ericom's Enterprise-Wide Application Access solutions. Extend your sales reach and differentiate your business from the competition.

It's All About You and Your Business

The Ericom PowerPartner Program's exclusive set of marketing tools and resources are designed to help ensure your success. Gain access to a comprehensive range of exclusive partner benefits, including:
  • Joint sales and marketing plans
  • Preferential pricing
  • Qualified lead generation campaigns
  • Sales and technical training
  • Lead protection
  • Channel Communications
  • Branding

Win-Win Joint Activities

Ericom contributes financially towards key marketing activities that benefit PowerPartner and Ericom joint objectives. These activities may include:
  • Events and seminars
  • Direct mail and email campaigns
  • Select access to co-op and MDF funds
  • Telemarketing
  • Advertising
  • Online marketing, and more

Become an Ericom PowerPartner!

Take the next step toward growing your business and increasing your profits. Learn more about the benefits and requirements of becoming an Ericom Partner by completing the application below. The criteria and benefits for participating in the PowerPartner Program vary from region to region.

Application for Becoming an Ericom Distributor or Reseller Partner

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