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Enterprise–class Access Solution

Ericom Connect® is a uniquely powerful application and desktop access solution for the enterprise

As the demands for scalability, simplicity, user experience, and price performance grow, enterprises want the freedom to choose the best access solution they can to address their unique access needs and challenges. When you choose Ericom , you are working with a technology leader with over two decades of expertise exclusively in the access market.

Designed with the 21st Century enterprise, IT staff, and user experience in mind, Ericom access solutions for the enterprise provide unparalleled scalability, user experience and ease of use, integrating with your existing IT environment and reducing the need for costly infrastructure upgrades. And whether your IT environment is simple or complex, Ericom is a committed vendor who will work with you, making sure our solutions are tailored to your access needs and scope.

  • Flexibility, Agility and Control
    Deploy secure, centrally managed access to Windows applications and desktops in hours - not weeks! Use this ideal BYOD and mobility solution to extend the reach of your employees and business partners, simply and securely, without having to install any client-side software. Mitigating the need for massive cross-data upgrades, Connect's mixed environment support enables workload moderation while enhancing operational planning and efficiency.
  • Excellent Cost Performance & Added Value
    Ericom leverages proven best practices to provide secure, comprehensive access at great prices. Enabling you to experience no limits when it comes to access, Connect's flexible hyper-scalability ensures you can start as small as you want and grow your deployment steadily and predictably. Ericom Connect decreases hardware requirements and protects existing IT investments, using up to a third fewer servers than alternative solutions. In addition, Connect requires no costly Admin certification / training, and only half the user training costs of alternative solutions, significantly reducing operational overhead.
  • Powerful Business Intelligence & Analytics
    Turn IT from a cost center into a data goldmine, by putting a wealth of IT operational data, including full audits comprising user, server and business logs at your sys admin's fingertips.
  • Hyper-Scalability, Ease of deployment and Implementation
    Addressing the needs of large organizations, Ericom's flagship connection broker, Ericom Connect, enables cross data-center deployments and management. Offering hyper-scalable support for 100,000 users per management server, Connect eliminates the need for multiple deployments and endless synch-ups.
  • Cloud Readiness - At Your Own Pace
    With our hybrid cloud solutions, you can incorporate your existing on premise investments, to migrate gradually and incrementally to the Cloud, including a combination of multiple cloud environments.
  • Mitigate Risks
    Ensure business and workforce continuity in any scenario by enabling users with seamless, secure access to mission critical resources from any device, anywhere.

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