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RDP Alternatives

RDP & Remote Desktop Alternatives

In an era of continuing austerity and conservative economic growth expectations for the coming years, most organizations are scrutinizing their IT expenditure and looking for ways to save money on remote desktop access. Ericom provides the ideal solution for companies who want a powerful, yet more straightforward and cost-effective remote desktop alternative to Citrix® XenApp. Ericom provides the same key security, reliability, performance, and mobility benefits that Citrix offers - more simply and at a price that more organizations can afford.

What is a good remote desktop alternative?

When you take a closer look at your company's remote desktop solution, you may find that you are investing and paying for "excess" remote desktop technology / certain capabilities that don't necessary add value to your bottom line.

A good remote desktop alternative will not allow an organization's IT systems to jeopardize the quality of business operations and customer service. It is essential that whichever remote desktop solution you choose offer financial stability, support and ongoing technical development, a simple licensing model, quick installation and easy day-to-day management.

Ericom's remote access solutions meet all the specific requirements of a business, accompanied by a lower TCO.

What are some examples of a good RDP alternative?

  • The successful global loss adjuster, GAB Robins uncovered potential cost savings of tens of thousands of pounds by replacing its existing Citrix platform with Ericom's RemoteView solution. The company has saved £5,500 every year on support, maintenance and license renewals alone.
  • Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect was a third of the cost of Citrix when Woodland International Transport decided to replace end-of-life Citrix application, helping the company to offset the cost of upgrading the hardware.
  • When the iconic, luxury British fashion brand Jaeger opted for Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView, Ericom's solution was 50% less expensive than the RDP alternative, and it still delivered the high standards of reliability and performance demanded.
  • Watson Institute, a century-old educational organization, sought a simpler, easy-to-deploy RDP alternative in Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect solution that allowed its staff and consultants to effortlessly connect to their Windows desktops, from Androids, iPhones and iPads.

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We reduced our expenditure on software licenses by 50% by replacing Citrix with Ericom - yet we made no compromises in functionality.

Bob Gurney, IT Manager, Jaeger

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