Ericom Shield Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) Solution to Be Showcased at ITWeb Security Summit 2018
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Ericom Shield Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) Solution to Be Showcased at ITWeb Security Summit 2018

South African Distributor Prodata Will Demonstrate How RBI Helps Shield Organizations from Browser-Borne Ransomware, Malware and Other Threats

Johannesburg, (May 08, 2018) - Prodata, a leading Value Added Distributor of specialised hardware and software solutions across Africa and Europe, in partnership with Ericom Software, a global leader in securing and connecting the unified digital workspace, will be showcasing Ericom Shield™ at the ITWeb Security Summit, southern Africa’s definitive conference and expo for information security, IT and business professionals.

Ericom Shield handles browsing sessions securely through remote browser isolation, mitigating the risk of known and unknown web-borne threats including crypto-jacking, malvertising, drive-by downloads, and zero-day attacks.

Using remote virtual browsers located in dedicated, disposable containers, Ericom Shield contains and disposes of all potentially risky web content before it reaches endpoints, so web-based cyber threats cannot invade corporate and organisational networks. 

The solution supports practically all browsers on any device and operating system, reducing the risk of human errors, malicious links and harmful downloads while providing a seamless, transparent internet browsing experience. In addition, downloaded files are sanitised using factory-integrated Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) before being released to the user device, providing a comprehensive, well-rounded, productivity-enhancing solution for secure browsing.

“Detection-based tools such as firewalls, anti-virus and URL filters cannot fully address the challenges of an ever-changing threat landscape,” said Jay Bradley, Founder and Managing Director of Prodata. “Ericom Shield isolates 100% of active web content outside of corporate networks and off of endpoint devices, adding an essential layer of security to enhance any defence-in-depth strategy.”

“With today’s sophisticated attacks, many of which leverage clever social engineering techniques to induce users to click, security-conscious organisations cannot afford to rely solely on a predictive or signature-based defence,” commented Ilan Paretsky, Chief Marketing Officer at Ericom Software. “As African businesses become increasingly reliant on web-based resources, a proactive solution such as Ericom Shield can help them stay one step ahead of the latest evasive threats, dramatically reducing the risk to IT infrastructure without impacting user productivity.”

Ericom Software was recently cited as a Representative Remote Browser Isolation Solution Provider in Gartner’s March 2018 Innovation Insight for Remote Browser Isolation report. The research and advisory firm identifies remote browser isolation as a “key preventative strategy in [its] Adaptive Security Architecture for attack prevention.” 

Ericom Shield was also covered in depth in Ovum’s March 2018 report On the Radar: Ericom Shield Provides Secure Browsing Facilities. The market-leading research and consulting firm stated that “Ericom Shield uses remote browser isolation techniques to provide the layered, defence-in-depth protection that businesses of all sizes need to have in order to secure user browsing sessions and keep operational systems safe.”

At the ITWeb Security Summit in Johannesburg (Stand No. 35), Prodata will demonstrate how Ericom’s client-less Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) solution integrates within existing security frameworks to help organisations protect critical infrastructure and user endpoints from web-borne threats.

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Prodata – Founded in 1992, is a leading Value Added Distributor of specialised hardware and software solutions across the African Continent and Indian Ocean Islands. With sound management, a driven sales team and an excellent administrative support system, Prodata is a master in the distribution field.

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Ericom Software is a global leader in securing and connecting the unified workspace. Ericom empowers today’s connected workforce and the IT organizations that support them by securing and optimizing desktop, application, and web content delivery to any device, anywhere. Founded in 1993, Ericom provides enterprise-grade secure remote access and web security solutions to a global customer base of more than 30,000 midsize to Fortune 100 organizations. With a focus on secure browsing, application delivery, and cloud enablement,  Ericom advances secure connectivity—providing end users with a superior work experience and optimizing enterprise productivity. With over 10 million end users, Ericom has offices in the United States, United Kingdom and EMEA and an extensive network of distributors and partners throughout North America, Europe, APAC, and Africa.

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