Ericom Software to Showcase Ericom Shield RBI Solution at RSA 2018
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Ericom Software to Showcase Ericom Shield Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) Solution at RSA Conference 2018

RBI Solution Helps Organizations Safeguard IT Infrastructure and User Endpoints from Browser-borne Malware, Human Error, Malicious Links and Harmful Downloads

Closter, N.J., (April, 16, 2018) -  Ericom Software, a leading global provider of solutions for securing and connecting the unified workspace, will be showcasing Ericom Shield™ at the RSA Conference 2018 (Booth #2519, South Expo). Ericom Shield handles browsing sessions securely through remote browser isolation, mitigating the risk of Internet-borne threats such as malware, ransomware, and crypto-jacking.

Ericom Shield detours, contains, and disposes of all potentially risky web content before it reaches the endpoints, so web-based cyberthreats cannot invade corporate and organizational networks. Using remote virtual browsers located in dedicated, disposable containers, Ericom Shield provide a seamless, transparent internet browsing experience. The solution supports practically all browsers on any device and operating system.

“Firewalls, anti-virus and URL filters only partially protect organizational networks,” says Joshua Behar, President and CEO of Ericom Software. “Ericom Shield provides that essential added layer of protection against ransomware, malware and internet-based breaches by containerizing the browser away from the endpoint device.”

A recent study reported that more than 90% of threats that sneak past anti-virus, firewalls and other conventional detection-based products originate from the web. Organizations that implement Ericom Shield dramatically reduce this risk while allowing end users to browse the internet and consume content freely. Moreover, the product also includes factory-integrated CDR technology that sanitizes files and other incoming content of malware before they are downloaded. 

Ericom Software was recently cited as a Representative Remote Browser Isolation Solution Provider in Gartner’s March 2018 Innovation Insight for Remote Browser Isolation report. The research and advisory firm identifies remote browser isolation as a “key preventative strategy in [its] Adaptive Security Architecture for attack prevention.” 

Ericom Shield was also covered in depth in Ovum’s March 2018 report On the Radar: Ericom Shield Provides Secure Browsing Facilities. The market-leading research and consulting firm stated that “Ericom Shield uses remote browser isolation techniques to provide the layered, defense-in-depth protection that businesses of all sizes need to have in order to secure user browsing sessions and keep operational systems safe.”

At the RSA Conference 2018, Ericom Shield will demonstrate how enterprises can integrate it within existing security frameworks to benefit from increased productivity and reduce IT complexity, costs, and management associated with blocking malware. 

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Ericom is a global leader in securing and connecting the unified workspace. Ericom empowers today’s connected workforce and the IT organizations that support them by securing and optimizing desktop, application, and web content delivery to any device, anywhere. Founded in 1993, Ericom provides enterprise-grade secure remote access and web security solutions to a global customer base of more than 30,000 midsize to Fortune 100 organizations. With a focus on application delivery, cloud enablement, and secure browsing, Ericom advances secure connectivity—providing end users with a superior work experience and optimizing enterprise productivity. With over 10 million end users, Ericom has offices in the United States, United Kingdom and EMEA and an extensive network of distributors and partners throughout North America, Europe, APAC, and Africa.

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