New Survey Underscores Need for Isolated Secure Browsing
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Survey by Ericom Software Underscores Need for Isolated Web Browsing Solutions as an Added Layer of Security

Despite the Investment in Security Products and Best Practices Already in Place, Organizations Are Increasingly Vulnerable to Malware and Other Internet-Borne Threats

Closter, N.J., (November, 16, 2016) - Ericom Software, a global leader in secure access to applications and desktops, and in web security, today announced the findings of a survey that reveals how enterprise organizations currently address online security threats and enhance cybersecurity in the workplace.

The survey, which includes responses from senior executives and IT professionals working for large organizations across industries including technology, government, finance, healthcare, education, and retail, reveals that common security tools may not adequately protect enterprises from internet-based security vulnerabilities such as viruses, malware and ransomware.

Based on a recent Gartner research report, “almost all successful attacks originate from the public internet, and browser-based attacks are the leading source of attacks on users."

According to the Ericom survey, almost all (96 percent) of respondents allow their employees to access the public internet from work devices such as desktops and laptops. Ninety-three percent need the internet to complete work tasks such as training and research, and almost half use it for personal reasons such as to check private email and access social media accounts.

"Internet-borne threats come in all shapes and sizes and are well-disguised," stated Daniel Miller, Director of Product Marketing at Ericom. "In most cases, employees will click on a link or download a file when utilizing the web for business or personal use without even knowing they triggered some type of malware."

Although most companies have firewalls in place and 46 percent rely on additional commercial security products such as virus scanners and proxies, over 20 percent of survey respondents indicated that their organization has no strategy in place to isolate the web browsing experience from local IT and network resources. 

 To safeguard an organization from ransomware and other malware threats, Ericom suggests implementing a virtual secure browsing solution. By isolating the browsing environment from business-critical IT infrastructure, viruses and malicious code remain outside of the organization's local network resources.

 For employees, virtual secure browsing delivers a transparent user experience that is no different than what they have today. For organizations, virtual secure browsing offers an effective security solution that builds on existing security tools and practices.

"Our survey highlights the need for a fresh approach to address security vulnerabilities caused by internet browsing or downloading rogue files," stated Miller. "By isolating end-user browsing sessions from the corporate network using a remote browser, Ericom's secure browsing solution provides an additional layer of security that supports a broad range of devices and web browsers."

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