znet group selects ericom’s html5-based byod solution for browser-based remote access, from anywhere and any devic
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znet Group Selects Ericom’s HTML5-based BYOD Solution for Browser-based Remote Access, From Anywhere and Any Device

As a clientless RDP client, Ericom AccessNow™ enables Krombacher, Lufthansa, UPS and other leading German companies to access the znet® zara hosted logistics and customs application from PCs, iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets

Closter, NJ, (November 18, 2013) - Ericom Software, a global leader in application access and desktop virtualization solutions, today announced that znet group GmbH in Germany has chosen Ericom AccessNow to provide customers with access to zara - znet’s proprietary customs software - from a variety of devices, including PCs, iPads, Android devices and smartphones.

znet (www.znet-group.com) is a leading developer of logistics, transportation, customs and foreign trade law solutions. znet provides customized software, clearing and consulting services to almost 850 transportation and shipping customers in Germany and across Europe. Zara, a proprietary znet application, is hosted on Microsoft Terminal Servers in ZNET data centers.

Oliver Becker, znet Group COO and Main Manager of IT Structures, explained: “Previously, our online-customers connected to our software using a Java-based access solution, which wasn't compatible with all of the end-user devices; therefore we searched for a clientless, HTML5-based access solution that would work with any type of device.” Becker added, “We tried out HTML5-based RDP access solutions from Citrix, VMware and Ericom. We chose Ericom AccessNow based on its superior performance, smooth printing functionality and for supporting the widest range of HTML5-compatible devices.

AccessNow’s simplicity of deployment and operation was a critical factor in its selection. Becker explains, “Not only was implementing Ericom AccessNow simple, but end-users noticed an immediate improvement in access speed and overall performance.” Becker added, “As a clientless solution, znet customers like Krombacher, Lufthansa, RHENUS Logistics and UPS are now able to use AccessNow on any device; in fact, this is a must-have tool for a successful BYOD implementation.”

Ericom AccessNow is a HTML5 RDP solution enabling remote users with secure, browser based access to Windows-based applications and desktops from mobile devices, desktop computers and laptops. These applications and desktops may be hosted on any RDP host, including Terminal Servers and VDI virtual desktops.

Brian Berns, Ericom Software’s President and COO commented: “AccessNow is an ideal solution for companies in the logistics and transportation industry, typically characterized by having both extensive networks of regional offices and users that require on-demand access to critical data from any location, 24/7. AccessNow enables employees and customers to access their shipping information from the office, on the road, or at home, and from any device running an HTML5 supported browser.”

Ericom AccessNow:

  • Works on Windows / Linux / Mac desktop computers and laptops, iPads / iPhones, Android devices, BlackBerry devices, Chromebooks and locked down workstations – all without having to install any software on the end-user device
  • Provides the same look and feel on all supported device types, reducing training and help desk costs
  • Is simple, easy and inexpensive to maintain - does not require any infrastructure for deployment, upgrades or patches – just put the new version on the server
  • Optional Ericom Secure Gateway integration, for use with or instead of a VPN or an SSL VPN
  • Affords employees, customers and partners unlimited mobility to access Windows and web-based applications, e.g., Microsoft Office, ERP, CRM - from anywhere (office, field or home)
  • Includes Ericom’s RDP compression and acceleration technology for improved user performance


For more information about Ericom AccessNow, visit: www.ericom.com/Ericom_AccessNow_Products.asp

Watch our online demo, visit: www.ericom.com/demo_AccessNow.asp

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