Ericom Announces First Connection Broker and Management Platform for VDI and Terminal Services to Support Chromebooks, iPad / iPhone and Android
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Ericom Announces First Connection Broker and Management Platform for VDI and Terminal Services to Support Chromebooks, iPad / iPhone and Android

PowerTerm WebConnect 5.8 (beta) supports the widest variety of end-user devices for accessing virtual desktops and hosted applications

Closter, NJ, (July 20, 2011) 
- Ericom Software, a leading global provider of application access and virtualization solutions today announced the newest version (beta) of its flagship product line, Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect 5.8. PowerTerm WebConnect enables organizations of all sizes to deliver secure and centrally managed, on-demand access to desktops and applications running on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) / Terminal Services, VDI platforms and other systems. 

Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect allows organizations to migrate from physical PCs to centrally hosted virtual desktops and applications, increasing productivity and empowering remote workers. The solution lowers the cost of managing PCs and IT overheard related to user support. In addition, IT infrastructure investments are protected by combining the robustness, performance, and affordability of both server-based computing and VDI technologies, further streamlining organizational expenditures, which is a priority in uncertain economic conditions.

“This new release represents another leap in terms of increased productivity and benefits for IT organizations and users alike,” said Eran Heyman, Ericom founder and CEO. “We remain fully committed to our market and vision of a high performance, full featured and cost-effective solution capable of unifying access management for applications running on a wide range of environments using the widest possible variety of end-user devices, realizing the vision of ubiquitous access.”

PowerTerm WebConnect 5.8 (beta) introduces dozens of new features and significant major enhancements, including the following:

  1. Native mobile clients – PowerTerm WebConnect now fully supports remote access to Windows applications and desktops from iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch and Android platforms, using AccessToGo technology, Ericom’s native clients for smartphones and tablets
  2. Support for the widest variety of end-user devices – PowerTerm WebConnect now fully supports accessing hosted Windows desktops and applications using any HTML5-supported browser, including from Chromebooks, via AccessNow, Ericom’s HTML5 RDP client technology. As a result, PowerTerm WebConnect IT benefits now include:
    • Supporting user devices running Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS and any other OS that supports an HTML5 browser, regardless of whether it is Intel x86, ARM or any other CPU architecture, lowering IT learning curve and simplifying IT operations and routines
    • IT staff does not have to manage or maintain separate product versions and updates for an ever-increasing variety of end-user devices; an HTML5 browser is all that is required
    • Enabling companies with BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) policies to continue leveraging the Microsoft RDS platform
  3. Features Ericom Secure Gateway – PowerTerm WebConnect now includes a high-performance secure gateway compatible with all client types, catering to users located outside the firewall
  4. Improved Native Clients – for Windows, Mac, CE and Linux PCs and thin clients
  5. Enhanced Remote User experience and Productivity – through improved Ericom Blaze RDP compression and acceleration technology
  6. Numerous improvements to existing features - automated provisioning of desktops, virtualizing applications, load balancing, groups/users management, access control, security, and much more

Beta Program

To participate in the beta program for Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect 5.8, please email us at: 

For more information on PowerTerm WebConnect, visit:

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