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Ericom Software Announces Marketing Agreement with JBoss Group

ATLANTA and Closter, NJ (June 24, 2003) - JBoss Group LLC, provider of the most popular Java-based application server, today announced a co-marketing agreement with Ericom® Software. Under the agreement, Ericom has joined the JBoss Preferred Affiliates™ Program and will provide its PowerTerm® Host Publisher to the JBoss® developer community. JBoss achieved more than 2 million downloads in 2002 alone, making it the industry's fastest-growing Java application server.

Ericom currently holds more than three-and-a-half million installations in 45 countries worldwide. Businesses of all types use Ericom's PowerTerm solutions daily for their legacy integration and connectivity requirements. Current customers include the IRS, Tyco, Target and numerous federal U.S. government agencies.

JBoss provides the most stable, scalable and flexible application server with support for J2EE in the market today. JBoss customers are now able to use Ericom's PowerTerm Host Publisher, a tool that facilitates rapid Web enabling and integration of composite legacy applications with JBoss, new J2EE, and CRM and ERP applications.

Through the partnership, JBoss users expand their ability to employ and reuse legacy business processes, achieved by automated extraction and creation of XML data files from legacy applications and business processes. With PowerTerm Host Publisher organizations can then affordably, quickly and easily move legacy applications to leading, high-end platforms like JBoss.

"Ericom is excited to add JBoss compatibility to PowerTerm Host Publisher," said Eran Heyman, chief executive officer of Ericom Software. "The marriage of JBoss and PowerTerm Host Publisher allows our customers to leverage and expand their existing capabilities by transforming stable business-critical legacy applications into reusable components for new composite Web and wireless applications."

"Ericom Software is a valuable addition to our family of software partners," said Marc Fleury, founder and president of the JBoss group. "Using PowerTerm Host Publisher, developers can quickly and efficiently design composite Web and wireless applications for legacy systems on JBoss servers. The versatility and power of JBoss' rapidly growing open-source application server is complemented with the ease in which users can migrate mission critical legacy applications. Our commitment to offer powerful, yet simple, cost-effective tools for Java developers is enhanced by this partnership."

JBoss fully supports the J2EE 1.3 standard. It includes the basic EJB container and JMX infrastructure; JBossMQ for JMS messaging; JBossMX for mail; JBossTX for JTA/JTS transactions; JBossSX for JAAS based security; JBossCX for JCA connectivity; and JBossCMP for CMP persistence.

More information about the JBoss Preferred Affiliates Program is available at: More information about PowerTerm Host Publisher and Ericom Software is available at

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JBoss is an open source, standards-compliant, Java-based application server. With an average of 250,000 downloads per month, JBoss is the most downloaded Java-based application server in the industry. JBoss can be embedded in commercial products and is being used in production around the world. JBoss Group LLC is an Atlanta-based professional services company, created by Marc Fleury, founder and lead developer of the JBoss application server. JBoss Group brings together core JBoss developers to provide services such as training, support, consulting and documentation, as well as management of the JBoss software affiliate program. These commercial activities subsidize the development of the free JBoss server. For more information please see