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Ericom Software, Maker of PowerTerm, Issues Y2K Guarantee

Jerusalem, Israel, May 24, 1999 -- Ericom Software, a leading developer of enterprise-wide corporate connectivity software solutions, today issued a Y2K Guarantee for its PowerTerm product line of connectivity software. The Ericom Software Y2K Guarantee states that if any Y2K bug-related problem is traced to an original PowerTerm product and is not corrected within five business days, Ericom will send a technician on-site to fix the problem or refund the purchase price.

"Ericom, customer satisfaction is the #1 indicator of our ability to provide not only superior solutions but also extraordinary service. Due to our strong customer orientation, we are issuing this Y2K guarantee, and with this guarantee, Ericom is once again showing our customers and partners that we stand by the quality of our products," Ericom Software CEO Eran Heyman stated.

Ericom has been a leading force in the global host access market, with its popular PowerTerm line of cross-platform terminal emulation solutions since 1994. Ericom currently holds more than 10% of the traditional host access market with more than 2 million installations in 45 countries worldwide. Ericom became the first company to address host access for the Windows 2000 platform when it introduced the PowerTerm Pro and was the first to offer a remote access solution for the Windows CE environment with its PowerTerm CE.

Ericom products covered within the Y2K Guarantee are PowerTerm Pro 7.0, PowerTerm Interconnect (version 5.4.0 and up), PowerTerm (version 5.4.0 and up), PowerTerm Plus (version 5.4.0 and up), and PowerTerm CE (version 2.1 and up). For more information about Ericom's Y2K guarantee, please visit or contact your local Ericom representative.

Ericom's products are marketed and sold by distributors, resellers and OEMs worldwide.