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Change Log – PowerTerm® Host Publisher

PowerTerm® Host Publisher SDK and Enterprise Server

Release Notes - Version 5.2 August 2004

Run time Windows Edition Run Time OpenVMS 7.1
Run Time OpenVMS 7.2 and higher
New Components

Visual Transactions For IBM emulations.
In the ApplicationWizard you can create Visual Transactions based on screens projected by the host application. The different screens are turned into steps where you can add input/output parameters, conditions, and scrolling ability. You can add pre- and/or post functions (functions that should be executed before/after the screen). The screen flow you receive can be uploaded to the IntegrationServer like any regular transaction based on functions.
With Visual Transactions, the end-user does not need programming skills.

New parsing methods for VT emulations
The host's text flow can be captured into an array. This enables the developer to capture lines that appeared in previous screens (known as 'history'). Later, the screen or part of it, can be retreived.

StartCapture  Starts to capture the host's text flow.
GetCaptureRetrieves the captured host's text flow into an array.
ParseFixedCaptureExtracts a table-formatted text from the captured text flow.
The table must have a constant number of lines per row.
ParseDynamicCaptureExtracts a table-formatted text from the captured text flow.
The table has a constant number of columns, and a varying number of rows per record.

New Session Variables
For saving variables that have to be used in more than one function, transaction or service.

Java debugger
The ApplicationWizard can also debug Java code.

Deprecated methods

GetHistory  Use GetCapture (above) instead.
ApplicationWizard generates the proper code automatically.
SendAndWaitForXXXUse the Send method with the appropriate Wait method. For example, instead of SendAndWaitForText, use Send followed by WaitForText methods.
IntegrationServer generates the proper session consistency automatically.

Arrays in Java
The IntegrationHub has been adjusted so that zero-based Java arrays are numbered from 0 (zero) onward and can thus be determined with their proper size.

IntegrationServer PHPWrapper
The ISPHPWrapper is a server-side, cross-platform HTML embedded scripting language extension, which enables the use of PowerTerm Host Publisher Java IntegrationServer via PHP.
The binary file, php_ISWrapper.dll, is found in the Host Publisher installation folder. (Default path: <InstallPath>\PowerTerm Host PUblisher SDK <ver#>\ JavaIntegrationServer\PHP\Win32)
To add the ISPHPWrapper to PHP:
1. Copy the binary file to your PHP extension directory.
2. Add the following line to the php.ini file:
      extension = php_ISWrapper.dll

The ApplicationWizard, the PresentationWizard, and the IntegrationServer Administrator can now be launched from within each component.


  • DataBase code generator
    ApplicationWizard can now create code to enable transactions to connect to different DataBases.
  • The Generated Code window can now be edited.
  • The list of keystrokes (as in the Send method) is adapted to the current emulation type.
  • Variuos GUI improvements (menus, dialogs, intellisence, syntax coloring etc.).


  • Session Pooling
    Sessions can be prepared in advance where the login process has already been completed. These sessions can be swapped with a requested connection from a service, thus enabling instantaneous host connection.
  • Web Service
    IntegrationServer Services can be exposed as Web Services.

IntegrationServer Administrator

  • The IntegrationHub Administrator has been integrated into the IntegrationServer Administrator. All IntegrationHub/IntegrationServer settings are now managed in one place.
  • GUI for Session Pooling and Web Services.

Hands-on Training Center

  • More samples have been added for self-study.


  • Transactions can also be created as pop-up windows.
  • Now supports JSP.

Java Edition

  • The Java edition can also run as an NT service. In the Service settings, you can determine whether to run the Java edition automatically or manually. The default port is 6133.
  • An EJB wrapper has been added.

Release Notes August 2004 - Version 4.6.1

New Components

PresentationWizard enables the developer to automatically generate a Web application from the Service(s) created in ApplicationWizard. The Web application is based on existing HTML templates supplied with the PresentationWizard and can be customized at a later stage. The generated GUI is instantly ready to be uploaded to your Web server without any further development. PresentationWizard generates JSP as well as ASP pages.

Instant Deployment
Instant Deployment enables the developer to deploy only certain parts of the legacy application on the Web browser through the OCX component, thus not requiring conversion of all of the legacy application into a service (transactions and states).

New Features


  • Instant Deployment objects can be defined and added to the flowchart.
  • Printing the flowchart (in black and white) is now possible.

IntegrationServer Administrator
Viewing and printing Service Reports, including all input and output parameters, is now possible.

PowerTerm Host Publisher IntegrationServer reveals itself as a Web Service and generates the WSDL file for each service, thus making it easy to invoke IntegrationServer from all the new platforms (like .NET, Java etc.). The PowerTerm EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) Wrapper enables Java-client program to execute transactions on a legacy application by means of PowerTerm Host Publisher services.

Hands-on Training Center
More samples have been added for self-study.

Java Edition
In PowerTerm Host Publisher Java edition, the IntegrationHub runs by default as an "in-process" component (IntegrationHub Native implementation), thus enabling faster performance. As such, the debug window cannot be displayed. If you wish to debug your service, you will need to connect via the Remote implementation option. While connected via the Remote implementation, the License tab will be disabled and the total number of available sessions will be the same as the number for the remote computer.

IntegrationServer Java edition supports dynamic CLASSPATH loading; any JAR file in the classpath folder will automatically be included.


The SessionManager is only suitable for IntegrationHub, not for IntegrationServer.

Paste Function
The Paste function is not supported while recording in the ApplicationWizard's Original Application Window. Instead data must be typed in manually while in recording mode. This will be supported in future versions.

Release Notes May 2002 - Version 4.0

New Components

Java Edition

The run-time components are now completely supported in the Java environment (JDK 1.3.0 or higher).


Java application: server client requests by executing appropriate IntegrationServer Service (*.issj file) produced by the ApplicationWizard (part of PowerTerm Host Publisher SDK). The IntegrationServer component is managed by the IntegrationServer Administrator. The default port for the Administrator is 6133, while the default port for clients is 6134. In order to start the IntegrationServer, run startService.bat.

IntegrationServer Administrator

Java application with friendly graphical user interface that manages IntegrationServer. To start the Administrator, run startAdmin.bat.

IntegrationServer Testing Utility

Java application with friendly graphical user interface that tests the service flowchart that runs in the Java IntegrationServer. To start the Testing Utility, run the startTestUtile.bat.

New Features


  • Records Java code and compiles it.
  • Runs the compiled Java code for testing.
  • Generates service flowchart based on Java code.
  • Uploads Java-based service to the Java IntegrationServer.

IS JWrapper

New methods were added to make programming easier and some methods were deprecated. The IS JWrapper documentation was updated.


The collection of accompanying samples has been enriched.


All tutorials may be viewed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, except for the ApplicationWizard tutorial (chm format), which must be viewed with Internet Explorer 4.x or higher.



The SessionManager is only suitable for IntegrationHub, not for IntegrationServer.

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