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PowerTerm® Host Publisher

Release Notes - Version 4.6.1 October 2002

OpenVMS 7.1 Edition      Run Time Windows Edition
Run Time OpenVMS 7.2 and higher

The PowerTerm Host Publisher IntegrationHub runs by default as an "in-process" component (IntegrationHub Native implementation), thus enabling faster performance. As such, the debug window cannot be displayed. If you wish to debug your service, you will have to connect via the Remote implementation option. While connected via the Remote implementation, the License tab will be disabled and the total available sessions will be the same as for the remote computer.

PowerTerm Host Publisher for OpenVMS 7.1 is designed to work with Compaq JVM 1.1.8. It can be downloaded from the Compaq website.

PowerTerm Host Publisher Server for OpenVMS also provides the following components and tools:

  1. IH Java Wrapper
    A Java package which connects to the IntegrationHub and grants a Java API which controls the legacy host.
  2. Java IntegrationServer Service
    Allows running "Java Flowchart Service" in Java. The default port for the Administrator is 6133 while the default port for clients is 6134. * To start the Java IntegrationServer run startis.com .
  3. IS Java Wrapper
    PowerTerm Host Publisher IntegrationServer reveals itself as a Web Service and generates the WSDL file for each service. Thus making it easy to invoke IntegrationServer from all the new platforms (like .NET, Java etc.). The PowerTerm EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) Wrapper enables Java-client program to execute transactions on a legacy application by means of services of PowerTerm Host Publisher.

    IntegrationServer Java edition supports dynamic CLASSPATH loading; any JAR file that will be in the classpath folder will automatically be included.
  4. IS Java Wrapper
    A Java package, which connects to the IntegrationServer and grants a Java API which controls the "Java Flowchart Service".

Note: To generate a new IntegrationServer Java Service use the ApplicationWizard component, which is a part of the PowerTerm Host Publisher SDK available for the Windows platform.