Enterprise application integration (EAI) software for Web / wireless / mobile access to legacy hosts: PowerTerm HostPublisher from Ericom

PowerTerm® Host Publisher

Platforms Windows® 2000; Windows XP; Windows 2003; Linux; Unixware; OpenServer
Hosts IBM Mainframe; IBM AS/400; Unix; OpenVMS; HP; Tandem
Emulations IBM 3270; IBM 5250; VT 52 - 525; IBM 3151; ANSI; SCO; AT386; Linux Console; AIXterm; Wyse 370; Wyse 50+/50/60; Televideo; Data General; HP 700/92; HP 700/96; Tandem 6530; Siemens; ADDS VP A2; HZ 1500

PowerTerm Host Publisher, Ericom's middleware product for rejuvenation and integration, provides a simple and quick solution for extending legacy systems' capabilities for Web or wireless host access.
With PowerTerm Host Publisher, you can open up your terminal emulation system to users unfamiliar with green screens, users who use the Web, and users on the road who are dependant on mobile and wireless devices for data input and access.

Creating new functionality is an easy, seamless process, resulting in deployment time of days or weeks rather than months or years. With absolutely no changes to your back-end system, PowerTerm Host Publisher is the safe and powerful choice for rejuvenation and integration.

How does it work?
PowerTerm Host Publisher's abilities span the range of functionality, from the simple task of "webifying" a green screen to the more complex task of creation of new business processes for your enterprise. HTML-on-the-fly automatically converts green screens to HTML which can then be customized according to user requirements.

PowerTerm Host Publisher can also be used for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), working between your legacy system and integration server as middleware that allows different applications to interface in ways which are transparent to the user. Users benefit from increased productivity and usability without the downside of having to learn a new system, and the original legacy system remains untouched.

PowerTerm Host Publisher can create a Web Services interface for mainframes, which opens up the application so that any system can "talk" to it.

Using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), PowerTerm Host Publisher exposes applications as services and then connects them with other applications to be meta-applications of building blocks of other services. Because SOA is a loosely coupled system, parts of the system can be replaced without affecting the whole.

This flexibility extends the capabilities of legacy systems, enabling them to be used in ways that make the most business sense. For example, if an insurance company has their insurance system on a mainframe and the CRM system which the help desk uses on an AS/400, PowerTerm Host Publisher can have these systems work together directly. Users throughout the enterprise benefit, as they only see what they need to, with an interface designed to facilitate their work. Call centers (CRM), Content Portals (CMS), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Manufacturing (ERP) and other systems can use PowerTerm Host Publisher to achieve an improved return on investment (ROI) by utilizing existing computer systems and data.

Additionally, corporations can integrate and deliver information to a new generation of devices such as mobile phones and wireless PDAs.

Because PowerTerm Host Publisher utilizes standard Web Service technologies it works seamlessly with many third-party integration frameworks such as BEA WebLogic Server, Attunity BPI, JBoss, and many adaptors such as HP Bridgeworks.

The ability to integrate with leading third-party solutions means that PowerTerm Host Publisher enables your organization to stay responsive to changing business requirements and technologies while reusing existing systems and development effort.

More about PowerTerm Host Publisher and its Components

Key Features

  • Session manager for preconfiguring sessions
  • Drag-and-drop tools for quick data accessibility
  • Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications for customization and integration

  • SSL for secure terminal emulation sessions
  • SSH for secure terminal emulation sessions

  • Hands-on Training Center for clear, constructive tutorials
    on PowerTerm Host Publisher

Key Benefits

  • Businesses can leverage their investment in host legacy systems since no changes are made to existing business logic and host applications.
  • Organizations can re-purpose data from disparate legacy applications to create a unified e-business solution
  • Because PowerTerm Host Publisher integrates with industry standard development tools, training and operational costs are minimal.
  • With PowerTerm Host Publisher corporations can choose to integrate only part of an application, business process, or module, which substantially reduces project time.
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-access interfaces and tools can customize front ends that reflect the way users work on a range of devices, including wireless or handheld.

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With PowerTerm Host Publisher we are able to put together a page that looks like a web page and people find that easy to work with, it's such a familiar way of seeing information. We worked with the sales team to be sure that the pages were easy to use and navigate. It has, without a doubt, made their job much easier.

Liam McMullen,
Systems Resources Manager,
The Irish News

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